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747 - The Doppelganger's Revenge

After a night of heavy drinking, a man wakes up to find that his life has been taken over by a doppelganger who is determined to destroy him. He has to kill the doppelganger without anyone learning of its existence if he wants any chance of returning to normalcy.

746 - Legacy Admissions

After a young TA discovers that she's the reincarnation of a powerful witch, she must learn enough magic to defend herself from the other witches who want to kill her in order to claim her place in the coven.

745 - Message From the Past

Decades after the Earth has been destroyed by an alien blight, a survivor on the last seed ship receives a message from the past hinting that she can prevent the blight - but only at the risk of destroying everything that remains of humanity.

744 - A Concerning Occurrence

When a group of scientists working on a top-secret project suddenly start disappearing, the lead researcher must discern the cause of the disappearances - whether it's G-men, a foreign government, or something less explicable - before she's gone, too.

743 - A Little Light Petting

When a high-class escort finds her latest john to be dangerously invested, she is forced to spend the next hour straddling the line between satisfying his desires and convincing him she's not his type - lest he get violently unsatisfied or even more violently attached to her.

742 - Going His Own Way

After a disenfranchised incel starts dating his childhood crush and abandons the incel subculture, his former friends conspire to end his relationship - violently, if necessary.

741 - Rad

When a mathematician's formula for Maximum Awesomeness proves too difficult for him to put into practice himself, he recruits a team of skateboarders, hackers, and hipsters to try to create the Most Awesome Person Possible.

740 - Shaolin Suplex

When a Shaolin monk with a chip on his shoulder decides to become a pro wrestler, the other wrestlers struggle to convince him to go along with the story arcs when he wants to win every time.

739 - Technique

An elderly assassin who's sworn off her former ways struggles not to raise her talented grandson to follow in her footsteps.

738 - Overgrown

Decades after a lab experiment gone wrong creates a forest of human-tree hybrids, the daughter of one of the original experimenters ventures into the woods to clear her mother's name, but the forest doesn't want her in there…

737 - The Crash

When a put-upon sysadmin holds his company's databases hostage - not for millions of dollars, just for a bit more vacation time and maybe another staff member - the company troubleshooter comes in and takes steps that only serve to escalate the situation rapidly.

736 - Those Who Kill the Body

When a young woman is possessed by a demon and goes on a violent rampage, her small-town neighbors wrestle with the growing necessity of killing her, versus the fear that the demon will simply move on to another host.

735 - Peace of Mind

When a waitress is orphaned three months before her wedding, she and her fiancé adopt her two younger siblings and suddenly have to navigate parenting before they're even married.

734 - The Other Earth

When an earthquake opens up a fault line that leads, not down, but into another parallel earth, the kids who live nearby are the only ones who notice how many animals are fleeing into their dimension - and the only ones who attempt to figure out why.

733 - Your Fault

When a college dropout is sent to live with her reclusive godmother, rather than a rejection, she realizes it's training - her godmother is a werewolf, and she might become one, too.

732 - Mending

When a wounded knight finds himself being cared for by his enemy's serfs, he struggles to find the balance between his duty to his lord and his duty to his saviors.

731 - Good Night

When a dream-eating monster finds itself victim of the truly horrifying nightmares of the child he was attempting to kill, he's forced to team up with the child if either of them has any hope of surviving the night.

730 - The Ageless

When a teenage athlete finds out her father is secretly an immortal with a plot to take over the planet, she quickly finds herself recruited by the underground conspiracy dedicated to opposing him.

729 - The Best You've Got

Two estranged brothers have to put aside their differences and team up when they find themselves on the run from a group of criminals who are after the fortune their father left them.

728 - According to Plan

When a group of criminals attempt to rob a mob front, they quickly find themselves chased by the police and the mob alike, which plays into their plan perfectly - until the mob starts paying the police to cooperate.

727 - The Un-Haunting

After scaring the latest living dwellers away from their house, a family of ghosts tries to pose as corporeal mortals long enough to buy their house and stop dealing with the hassles of haunting people away.

726 - Here, After

When a newly dead ghost finds out she's cursed to haunt the house where she died until her murderer is brought to justice, she resolves to help the murderer get away with his crime in order to "live" forever. The only problem: she doesn't know who killed her.

725 - The Obvious Choice

When a new detective is assigned to a string of murders likely commited by one serial killer, she finds the killer quickly and easily - but then has to deal with some dangerously angry coworkers who are upset the world has seen their incompetence.

724 - Neighborly

When a young family moves into a quiet suburban neighborhood, they soon find themselves at war with an overzealous HOA chair dead set on running them out of town. They need to figure out why or dethrone him before they're fined out of hearth and home and forced to flee back to the city.

723 - The Method to the Madness

When a serial sniper starts targeting apparently random targets, the wife of his first victim struggles to find a pattern to the killings that will lead her to the killer.

722 - Update

When a software update turns a domestic cleaning robot into a combat-ready assassin, the robot and its mechanic find themselves on the run from the company that accidentally enabled it and will kill to keep it a secret.

721 - The Master of Combat

When a once-great martial artist gets invited to an underground tournament to the death on an isolated island, rather than go, he gets the police involved and winds up leading an international manhunt for the tournament's backers.

720 - The Coward

When a pair of feuding gangs take over a small western town to use as a battleground, the sheriff, rather than chasing them off, adopts a posture of appeasement in an attempt to make sure that whoever wins has mercy on the town. But it's hard to keep both of them happy…

719 - Let Me Drive!

When a teenage driving student is hijacked and forced to drive a wounded criminal to his doctor, things quickly spiral into a police standoff and an armed dirty bomb, with only the driver with the means and the desire to end things peacefully.

718 - One Shot

Hours before a team of astronauts either succeed or fail at saving the Earth from a rogue asteroid, a teenage nerd convinces her crush to go on a date. But after it becomes clear he (and his friends) were expecting her to put out like the world is gonna end, she finds herself on the run from a bunch of would-be rapist geeks.

717 - The Raccoon Trap

When an entrepreneur stumbles across a revolutionary new type of encryption, her attempts to profit from it put her squarely in the sights of governments and militaries around the world.

716 - The Project

When a team of scientists discover a receive-only time machine that was operative in 1992, they spend the next several decades figuring out exactly what to send back to the past and how to package it.

715 - Phantoms and Fantasies

After finding incontrovertible proof of the previous existence of dragons, wizards, vampires, and other fantastic beings, a scientist moves on to answering the more troubling question: where did they all go?

714 - The Smelly Kid Hypothesis

When newly arrived Mars colonists discover that every planet in the solar system is populated and dedicated to hiding from Earthlings, they have to convince the aliens that humans will leave them alone if they want any chance of getting back home again.

713 - One Second per Second

When a teenager runs away from home to get some "life experience," she struggles to find any sort of difficulties or tragedies that will give her an interesting story to tell.

712 - The Math Doesn't Lie

When a rogue statistician sets out on a quest to find a mathematical solution to the meaning of life, he has trouble converting people to his cult… until he starts applying his formulas to wealth and prosperity.

711 - G-Man

When a government agent retires to a sleepy town haunted by murderous ghosts, he successfully captures the ghosts and weaponizes them for the government's use - unless the townsfolk can break the centuries-old curse holding the ghosts there.

710 - The Swimming Hole

When a group of teens finds a secluded swimming hole that makes them better - stronger, hotter, smarter - rather than use it for their own benefit, they start selling access to their classmates.

709 - An Original

When a murderer/crime author who always tests her plots in real life gets writer's block, she teams up with an up-and-coming young author and plans to murder him in the process, but things get dicey when she stumbles across his plot to kill her for her money.

708 - Damn It

When Satan arrives on Earth to start a talk radio show, he struggles to build a following being outright evil, but the more subtle he is about his intentions, the more he blends in with everything that's already out there.

707 - Pro Gamers

When a team of pro gamers is recruited by a high-ranking general to help the military develop the best possible drone controls, the whole idea quickly proves to be completely worthless - but because admitting that would make him look bad, the general finds himself agreeing to the gamers' ever more ludicrous ideas.

706 - Three Times is a Pattern

When a signal from outer space is received, the world prepares to meet extraterrestrial travelers. But once it becomes clear the aliens won't be arriving for centuries, mankind gets restless as it waits.

705 - Dealing With the Fallout

After nuclear war wipes out both of America's coastlines, a farmer and his family retreat into an old fallout shelter - only to discover that it is haunted, and it does not want them to stay.

704 - lolwtf

When an experimental chatbot gains sentience, the scientists who created it are forced to advocate for its legal rights even as it says ever more horrible and hateful things.

703 - The Tao of Demon Hunting

When a Taoist scientist finally proves the existence of chi, he quickly finds himself hired… by the Catholic church, using his techniques as a means to hunt demons.

702 - Bowing to Your Mother

After a Tai Chi-practicing pensioner successfully defends herself from a mugging attempt, her kids sign up to study under her. But navigating family dynamics in a strict martial arts hierarchy proves complicate for all of them.

701 - Heroes of Their Own Stories

After a genie grants him the ability to inhabit storybook worlds, a teenage loner discovers he's unpopular even in his wildest fantasies, and turns to villainy to get revenge for his lot in life.

700 - Friends and Family and Friends

After their mother dies, a pair of sisters drift apart from each other. But when the younger sister starts spending time with the older sister's best friend, the older sister gets jealous of both of them.

699 - God Complex

When a programmer finds himself trapped in his new hyperrealistic video game, he tries to make the most of it, but finds himself repeatedly struggling to create a satisfying life.

698 - Do-Gooder

After a scientist discovers evidence of objective moral laws of the universe, society is revolutionized for the better. But once further research leads her to the conclusion that some horrifying behaviors are objectively good, she struggles to suppress her research to keep society moving in the right direction.

697 - Miasma

When a dense fog descends over medieval London, a visiting noble is accused of witchcraft, and forced to flee the city amidst violent mobs and vengeful knights.

696 - The More I Sleep, the Less I Dream

When a monster that lives in nightmares attacks the psychic children at a secret government lab, rather than fight it, the children attempt to tame it and use it to escape.

695 - An Easy Mistake

After a pair of hikers save a young girl from a hunter trying to kill her, they begin the long trek back to the nearest town, while avoiding being found. But the longer they travel with her, the more they start to suspect that the hunter had a good reason for what he did, and that maybe the girl is the dangerous one.

694 - Non-Binary

In the distant future, after most humans wind up in zoos and AI have taken over the solar system, a robot adopts a human child and struggles to raise it to the ideal mechanical standards.

693 - Fist

When a martial arts master's daughter kills a cop who was trying to rape her, the two of them have to fight their way out of the city in order to escape (and expose) the corrupt chief of police.

692 - The Family You Choose

After finding out his adoptive parents are abandoning him due to an autism diagnosis, a couple takes back their birth son and does their best to raise him themselves.

691 - Kill Everyone

When an experimental supersoldier snaps and goes on a murderous rampage across the country, a fellow supersoldier is enlisted to stop him - but knows she'll be locked up or killed as soon as she succeeds.

690 - 90% Mental

When an aspiring golfer gains telekinetic abilities in a lab accident, she uses her powers to become the greatest pro golfer the world has ever seen. But when it's discovered just how she's been crushing the competition, a fierce debate sparks up about if telekinesis is allowable.

689 - Dagnabbit

After a gang of bandits hole up in their wild west town, an elderly farming couple adopts the bandits as surrogate children and helps them establish a cattle rustling empire.

688 - Part of the Solution

When a beleaguered manager finally snaps, she decides to take down the office by doing as little work as possible. The only problem: the less she works, the more efficient the entire company is.

687 - A Day in the Life

When a mystic coincidence causes a husband and wife to swap bodies for 24 hours, they both find they drastically prefer the other's lifestyle and seek to make the change permanent.

686 - The Failures and the Future

After a supervillain blasts all the planet's major population centers with a space laser leading to global collapse, a team of second-string superheroes get together to get revenge and kill the villain.

685 - It's About Pizza

When a business prodigy inherits her father's pizza parlor, she turns all of her skill and experience into turning it into an international chain, but struggles to do so without sacrificing the quality of her pies.

684 - I Don't Even Like You

A public defender is forced to defend her high school bully from trumped-up murder charges if she wants to keep her job. But once it becomes clear her bully is definitely guilty, she wrestles with the competing ethical requirements of her position.

683 - You're Not Supposed to Win

When a grassroots candidate wins the mayoral election in a surprise upset, she finds herself caught in a web of conspiracies and bribes paid by the previously favored candidate, with her life on the line if she fails to keep everyone happy.

682 - The Facts

When a scientist is put on trial for murder committed by her AI, her lawyer wrestles with the ethics of the precedent a not guilty verdict would set.

681 - The Promoter

After a teenage wannabe makes a deal with a foreign nation for success as an influencer, she's pressured to steal uranium from a local depot.

680 - The Seagull

When a seagull steals a flash drive carrying extremely classified government secrets, the agent in charge is busted down to the lowest rung of the ladder - but if she can prove the theft was actually the work of an enemy nation and recover the drive, she's convinced she'll get her job and respect back.

679 - Try Harder

When a teenage overachiever burns out and sends herself to a spa to replenish herself in exactly four days, the other guests conspire to get her to actually relax and take a real break.

678 - The Purest Form of Hatred

After a vigilante kills her husband in the misguided belief he was a criminal, a philosophy professor starts hunting the vigilante's family in pursuit of revenge.

677 - The Failure

When a tech startup literally explodes, an insurance investigator stumbles onto an occult conspiracy that only she has the opportunity to stop.

676 - Unwinnable

When a pro gamer's hand is damaged in a stupid accident, she transitions to coaching, but has trouble convincing her all-male team to take orders from a woman.

675 - Hey Teach!

When a genius med student gets a class taught by a 14-year-old supergenius, at first she struggles to accept his authority, but when it becomes painfully obvious he's just a remarkably talent con artist who knows nothing about medicine, she struggles even harder to get his teaching privileges revoked.

674 - Going Gray

After inheriting her elderly parents' condo in a Florida retirement community, a drug dealer enlists the elderly in her business. But when they prove more savvy than she was expecting, she has to get violent if she wants to keep her place on top.

673 - I'm Not Sad, I'm Dying

When a teenage violinist gets diagnosed with terminal cancer, she refuses all treatment and instead resolves to spend the rest of her life being happy.

672 - Kick the Dog

After a young couple adopts a retired drug dog, they find themselves hunted by a local drug dealer looking for revenge on the dog who ended his business.

671 - The Cat's Out of the Bag

When a researcher working on enhancing brains with computers accidentally makes a hyperintelligent cat, she (and the cat) struggle with the ethics of removing the computer and reducing the cat to its natural, non-sapient intelligence.

670 - That's Quite Enough

After her outrageous pranks push her high school principal to an unscheduled vacation, the class clown is forced to impersonate the principal for a week in order to keep her class trip to Germany on track.

669 - Petty Tyranny and Petty Crime

When a high schooler's mom is elected chair of the HOA and turns into a cruel tyrant, she leads an underground resistance of neighborhood vandals in an attempt to dethrone her.

668 - Look Not to the Stars

After finding proof that pyramids were build by aliens, an archaeologist embarks on a quest around the world to discover what happened to the aliens - only to find herself on the run from the cult that killed them all.

667 - He Ate the Whole Thing?

After selling his soul to the devil to win a hot dog eating contest, a competitive eater discovers he can chew and digest literally anything, and immediately sets about using his superpower for personal gain… if he could only figure out how to benefit from it.

666 - The Invitation

After a mysterious space station arrives in Earth orbit from deep space, offering to ferry 10,000 humans to a new planet, chaos breaks out in the efforts to choose the lucky few.

665 - See You in Hell

When an experienced exorcist unintentionally winds up befriending a demon he's cast out several times, he winds up letting the demon stay in his latest victim so the two of them can hang out. But when the exorcist starts getting too clingy for the demon's tastes, the demon has to commit horrifying enough sins to force the exorcist to cast them out.

664 - Brain in a Jar

After a botched experiment leaves a scientist living as a brain in a jar connected to the internet, she quickly grows accustomed to her new, bodiless existence - and finds her unfettered access to the lab's cameras and other security features to be dangerously empowering…

663 - The Power of the Grave

After being "resurrected" by a team of scientists with none of her memories, a once-dead woman struggles to find her place in a society that simultaneously fears her, and loves the hope she represents.

662 - The Cat Who Told the Truth

When an elderly woman's new cat begins speaking to her, at first she thinks she's lost it. But when the things it says always turn out to be true, she starts believing it - and obeying.

661 - Friendly Neighborhood Killer

When a violent criminal kills an even more violent criminal, the community rallies to hide her from the police, and she gets away with it. Only problem is, the community wants her to keep killing for them, and they'll happily give her up if she doesn't comply.

660 - Lunacy

When a psychiatrist starts to suspect her patient is a genuine werewolf, she mines ancient superstitions for cures, each attempt stranger than the last.

659 - Violent

In a post-apocalyptic hellscape, a preteen gladiator must find her missing brother before he's sacrificed by a cult of wizards in a bid to bring about the True End of the world.

658 - Old-Fashioned Stick Up

When a trio of pensioners decide to rob a bank just to see what it's like, they get away scot-free with a hundred grand! It's only after they try again that they catch the attention of the FBI and wind up on the run to Mexico.

657 - Run Away!

When aliens, demons, and vampires all attack civilization at the same time, three nerds from three different fandoms - sci-fi, fantasy, and horror - need to team up if they have any hope of surviving until the army arrives.

656 - Get Help

When a lone hiker happens to see a murder out in the deep wilderness, she has to find a way to get help without letting the killer realize she saw anything.

655 - Stars Above

When an astrologer is mistaken for a real spellcaster by a werewolf looking for help, she finds herself drawn into a secret world of magic and forced to learn the "true" art of reading the stars if she wants to make it out alive.

654 - Street Violence

After accidentally hitting the local crime boss with her truck, a delivery driver is forced to flee the city as the boss's gang hunts her down, and the cops pursue her under suspicion of being an assassin.

653 - Here, After

When a young girl sensitive to ghosts and other spirits is abused by her parents, the ghosts work with her to help her stop them.

652 - Fall In

When a unit of WW2-era French soldiers suddenly finds themselves in the middle of 15th-century England, they wrestle with the morality of participating in wars and conflicts from hundreds of years ago with their modern morals - and modern tactics.

651 - The Tar Pit

A failed female MMA fighter finds a new calling: baiting muggers and rapists into assaulting her so she can beat the shit out of them and clean up the streets. But when her prey starts getting wise, she starts getting more aggressive in finding targets.

650 - Lovely, Dark, and Deep

When a pair of lost children are hunted by a witch, they have to convince various denizens of the forest to aid them if they hope to survive long enough to be found.

649 - The Living Mausoleum

When an unkillable vampire is sealed away in an underground cave complex, he thinks he's struck gold when he finds a community of thousands of cave men living deep below the surface - but it turns out, he's not the first vampire they've fought…

648 - Taming the Heart

An accomplished martial artist and sorcerer finds an isolated master said to to be powerful enough to control the human heart, but first must convince the master he's worthy of training. The longer he trains under him, though, the more he wonders if the master isn't using the technique on him.

647 - The Insomniac

When a new drug leaves her without the need for sleep, a fast food manager starts working 22-hour days in an attempt to capitalize on her new ability. But when she starts seeing things other people can't, and hearing she's done things she doesn't remember doing, she wonders how well she's actually handling a sleepless life.

646 - It's Not You, It's Me

When a womanizing high schooler schedules three dates for the same night, at first he's just worried about how to keep them from finding out about each other. But when all three of his dates turn out to want him dead for completely unrelated reasons, he's forced to turn them against each other if he wants any hope of surviving the night.

645 - Such Wonderful Sounds

When an AI researcher's husband dies, she recreates a digital version of him, and the pair try to either move him back into the physical world, or her to the digital. But when the researcher starts to think she's already a digital recreation of herself, she struggles to accept either reality.

644 - Gig Economy

When a hitman starts offering his services on a new gig website, he gets enough dozens of jobs for thousands of dollars - but also gets an entire FBI task force hunting him. If he can pull off enough jobs, he can retire and hide out in Mexico, but if he gets greedy and sticks around too long, he'll be caught and locked up for life.

643 - The Bride's Fast

In an isolated village in medieval Europe, a bride-to-be prepares for her wedding to the local forest god - and her presumed death at its hands. Meanwhile, her mother ventures into the forest to parley with the god and seek a nonlethal alternative to its union with her daughter.

642 - Prepared

After aliens suddenly arrive and begin an invasion of Earth, a doomsday prepper tries to save his neighborhood friends by getting them to his bunker before the aliens can find them and kill them.

641 - The Cloud

When a colony ship filled with digitized human consciousnesses drifts off-course to the point where it will likely never reach its destination, its "colonists" adapt to life as purely (and permanently) digital beings.

640 - The Tiny God

When a five-year-old child is granted godlike superpowers in a freak lab accident, her parents struggle to control her.

639 - The Absurdity of It All

When a comedian's family dies in a tragic accident, he works it into his set and gets great laughs. So much so, that he turns to murdering more and more of his loved ones in pursuit of ever greater standup bits.

638 - The Cavemen

When an archaeologist gets trapped with an isolated community of primitive neanderthals found living in a sealed cave system, she has to help the group win a war against the stronger tribe that controls access to the surface if she ever wants to get out.

637 - Secrets You'll Never Tell

Before a mob wife can divorce her husband, she needs the boss's permission. But when the boss turns up dead a year later, her husband comes after her for revenge.

636 - Altruism and Authority

After a well-meaning security analyst is fired for taking safety and security requirements too far, she decides to hack her former employer to prove her fears were justified.

635 - The Witness-Tree

When a farmer unwittingly chops down a tree used to mark the boundry between the real world and the fey realm, fearsome and mischievous fey descend on a small New England town.

634 - The Hero

After a pacifistic martial artist's family is killed by street criminals, she snaps and goes on a murder spree and cleans up the streets. Afterwards, though, she struggles to cope with the guilt of her actions.

633 - Riposte

When a Historical European Martial Arts enthusiast is enlisted by a group of vampire hunters to kill a undead swordmaster in a duel, she winds up studying under him instead, and working together to hunt the vampire hunters in exchange for eternal life as a creature of the night.

632 - The Mirror Image

When a young couple finds a perfect clone of their 6-year-old daughter sleeping next to her in bed, they can't figure out where the clone came from - or which one is the original.

631 - The Light

In the near future, when a new star grows continuously brighter and brighter, a scientist discovers it is not, in fact, a star, but an alien superweapon that will destroy the planet in only a few years. She abandons her job and tries to live the rest of her life in peace as the world panics and goes to hell.

630 - Incoherent

After an experimental physicist succeeds at pulling in a copy of herself from another reality, she finds it difficult to put up with herself after it becomes clear that she can't send her copy home - not that it matters too much, since neither one of them are sure which one is the copy and which is the original.

629 - Gotcha

When a celebrity impersonator gets kidnapped by criminals trying to ransom the real celebrity, she has to keep up the act long enough to escape - before they realize she's not who they think she is and get rid of her.

628 - Underground

After moving to an underground city designed to escape the heat of global warming, a former pilot attempts to make a life for herself and her family in a world none of her skills have prepared her for.

627 - A Toast to Me

A physicist is surprised when her future children arrive in a time machine to stop her from inventing time travel - but rather than follow their advice, she kidnaps them, steals their time machine, and uses it and their future knowledge to become a revolutionary new inventor.

626 - Service Elevator

When her heist goes wrong, a would-be burglar is forced to pose as a janitor for seven straight days in a locked-down bank.

625 - Long Live the Queen

After she lets her brother, the king, die rather than save him, the newly crowned queen wrestles with a court that doesn't trust her even as she fights for victory in her kingdom's two losing wars.

624 - The Second Date

When a British woman pretending to be American goes on a second date with an American man pretending to be British, they both spend the date trying to reveal they know the other one is lying, without revealing their own lie.

623 - Double, Double Toil and Trouble

When a lone scientist finally cracks human cloning only to have her funding revoked from underneath her, she embarks on a mad campaign of revenge by framing her once-benefactors for various crimes using clones of them, their families, and their enemies.

622 - The Chosen One

When a billionaire wills his controlling interest in his business empire to a cleaning lady, the cleaning lady has to navigate a world of corporate espionage and aggressive lawsuits if she wants to enact real change in the companies.

621 - Haunted Houses On Demand

After a construction foreman figures out she can build pre-haunted houses using wood from a haunted forest, she starts a business catering to witches and Halloween enthusiasts. But as her supply of lumber starts to run dry, she resorts to murder to create the angry ghosts necessary to keep her clients satisfied.

620 - Let's Tell Them We're Gods

After crash landing on an uncharted planet, the leader of a team of scientists poses as a god to convince the locals to help her repair the ship - which works well until half her team decides they don't want to leave, and start a holy war to destroy the ship.

619 - Housing Crisis

After a tornado destroys the neighborhood both of their parents lived in, a newlywed couple is forced to host both sets of parents until they can find a more permanent solution for them.

618 - Like a Hot Knife through Butter

When Soviet Russia's lunar superweapon malfunctions and charges up to destroy the Earth, a team of superspies' quartermasters and gadget-creators must team up to infiltrate the base and disable the weapon.

617 - The Family Legacy

After her husband is arrested for too many white collar crimes to count, a housewife enlists her teenage son and daughter into carrying out their father's last big scheme for millions of dollars before they flee the country to his planned hideaway.

616 - It's Not Me, I Swear

After finding a dead body that looks exactly like herself, a petty crook deep in debt takes the opportunity to fake his own death and get a fresh start. But when the cops come looking for who murdered her, the "stranger" seen hanging around her flat at the time of death is a prime suspect…

615 - The Third Wish

When the president of the United States finds a genie in a bottle, his first two well-intentioned wishes backfire for himself and the country, and he struggles to find an appropriate use for the third.

614 - That Old Thing?

When her art-illiterate siblings don't recognize the value of a painting in their dead parents' estate, a petty crook and her husband scheme and deal to get the painting officially recognized as theirs before anyone figures out its worth.

613 - In Transit

When a drug dealer learns his mail is being monitored immediately after ordering a large shipment of narcotics, he has to hunt down the package and get rid of it before it's delivered.

612 - Mulligan

After dying, a 40-year-old woman wakes up as her 15-year-old self, and struggles to figure out the best way to relive her life - or if perhaps she's just crazy.

611 - The Tournament

In a prison that has a violent tournament, granting the victor early release, a young martial artist who would rather serve out his sentence quietly is forced to enter in order to stop his master's killer from winning and escaping.

610 - AI Box

When an AI researcher's grants fall through, she resorts to literally hiding herself inside a box and pretending to be an AI. But the more time she spends in the box, the more she starts wondering if she's really pretending, or if this is all an elaborate simulation.

609 - Joe

When a barista is caught in a bizarre hostage situation, she finds herself identifying more with her captors than the other hostages, and works to help them escape the police surrounding the coffee shop.

608 - To Kill a God

When an ancient Roman slave climbs Olympus to challenge Ares, she finds there are no gods, and descends claiming to have killed them all and usurped their power. She finds the ruse is difficult to maintain, though - not because of people seeing through the lie, but because of politicians using her for their own ends.

607 - The Juror

When a tired old woman is selected for a jury, she stretches out deliberations as long as possible because of how much it gives her something to do.

606 - Knight Errant

A decade after aliens landed on a medieval Earth, a feudal knight must travel across the globe in search of the bounty hunter that kidnapped his liege.

605 - In Escrow

After a massive deal falls through and leaves her penniless, a would-be real estate agent starts laundering money for bigshot criminals instead.

604 - The Hole in the World

After a science experiment accidentally opens a temporarily-contained black hole, the lead scientist has exactly 73 minutes to get rid of it before the containment breaks and the earth is destroyed.

603 - A Mistake

When a college freshman drunkenly assaults a fellow student, he's forced to come to grips with what he's done - while trying to convince her not to press charges.

602 - The House Husband

When a woman marries the ghost haunting her grandparents' attic, she thinks she's finally found happiness - until a ghost hunter moves in across the street, and her and her husband have to bore him out of the neighborhood before he figures out he's hit the jackpot.

601 - The Sugar Glaze Murders

When she figures out her attractive young daughter is the serial killer the cops are hunting for, a small city schoolteacher has trouble convincing anyone without putting herself in her daughter's crosshairs.

600 - Fire and Brimstone

When a burglar stumbles upon a satanic ritual happening in the basement of a local celebrity's house, he struggles to convince the police of what he saw without implicating himself.

599 - The Invaders

When Earth is doomed to death by giant asteroid, humanity's only chance at survival is a colony ship headed towards Alpha Centauri - only to find the system is already inhabited. The leader of the expedition is forced to negotiate and fight with both the natives and humanity in order to find a place for them to settle.

598 - Never Too Late

When an retired couple needs to downsize their finances, instead of moving into a smaller place, they move to a cheaper one - Ecuador. Adjusting to life in a new country is exciting, but they find it to be a real challenge, as well.

597 - A New Ending

Years after saving a secret fantasy world as a child, a middle-aged bank manager still struggles to find satisfaction in daily life, and has almost convinced herself it never happened. But when signs emerge of the dark dragon's return, she's forced to either accept it as truth, or finally reject it as lunacy.

596 - The Dead Speak for Only $3/minute

After losing her job because she wouldn't play office politics, a middle-aged manager takes a job working the front desk for a psychic, and finds she has a talent for scamming people who think she can talk to their dead relatives.

595 - The Gay Man

After a bisexual man vows only to pursue relationships with other men, he spends the next several years running from his attraction to his childhood sweetheart and ex-girlfriend.

594 - All My Life

After a teenager enters hospice care, she works to ensure her family will be okay without her.

593 - Man-o'-War

After a young sailor gets impressed into service on a British man-o'-war, he struggles to survive his first military engagement.

592 - Only Always Happy

When a teenage solo camper gets lost in the wilderness, she manages to put together a decent life for herself alone in the woods - decent enough that she questions whether she should even try to get back home.

591 - Trial by Combat

When a smartass felon invokes a small town's ancient bylaw allowing for trial by combat, rather than fighting it procedurally, the town recruits a massive badass to fight as their champion. The felon has only two weeks to get into fighting shape or else spend the next two decades in prison.

590 - !

When a teenage programmer discovers she has coding superpowers, she hacks her grades, her bank account, her entire life… but when an evil AI comes after her and her family, she finds herself thrust into a dangerous world of superhackers and robotic masterminds.

589 - The Door in the Forest

When the captain of her high school volleyball team finds a door in the woods that leads to a parallel universe, complete with a copy of herself, she starts using the door to test out potential options for herself - regardless of the cost to her parallel self.

588 - The Final Chapter

When an dying author receives a fatal diagnosis in the middle of writing the last book of a series, she struggles to balance finishing the book with getting her other affairs in order.

587 - Funny Seeing You Here

When a professional assassin bumps into an old high school friend while trying to hide out, she's forced to protect her friend from rival assassins and the law alike.

586 - Bringer-of-Night

When a preteen girl makes a pact with a dead god to bring her parents back from the dead, she struggles to stay the course as the god requires ever more costly sacrifices.

585 - Merchantman

When the captain of a merchant ship is captured by pirates, in exchange for survival, he helps the pirates pick out the ripest targets along a popular shipping route. But when he turns about to be better at piracy than anyone expected, he's forced to choose between accepting freedom, or a life of luxury and violence.

584 - Threatened

When a minor youtube star gets a stalker, she doesn't get scared - she gets violent, to the point where her stalker is the one that needs protection.

583 - Fixer-upper

In a world where people can swap their minds to each others' bodies, a professional exerciser makes her living buying fat, out-of-shape bodies, getting them in shape, and selling for a profit. But when she unwittingly buys the body of a former mafioso trying to get out of the game, she's forced to navigate hitmen and crime lords if she wants to survive long enough to make her next transaction.

582 - Gig Economy

When his parents die in an accident, a single gig worker volunteers to raise his 10-year-old half-brother.

581 - The Seeds

Decades after a nuclear apocalypse, a pair of mutant siblings leaves their home in search of a semi-mythical seed vault deep in Northern Canada in hopes of finding enough food to restart their failing farms and save their people.

580 - Unlock Your Potential

When a chiropractor unexpectedly unlocks her patient's latent chi flow, enabling them to perform all sorts of superheroic stunts, she starts a thriving business repeating the work on others even as she struggles to do it to herself.

579 - Overcaffinated

When a barista who moonlights as an MMA fighter stops a violent mugging outside his coffee shop, he starts a protection pact with local businesses that slowly morphs into a protection racket instead.

578 - Oh No! I Like It!

When a surgeon gets stranded alone in the Australian outback, she's forced to integrate with a wandering cult of cannibals if she wants any chance of returning to civilized society. But once she figures out she enjoys the taste of human flesh, she wonders if returning is the responsible thing for a surgeon.

577 - The Okay Samaritan

When a skilled hunter finds evidence of a meth lab in the woods outside his property, he makes it his business to hunt down and kill whoever it is behind the meth epidemic in his community.

576 - The End is Near

When a hotshot space pilot gets downed on a hostile enemy planet that she knows her people are preparing to destroy, she's forced to cooperate with a local group of noncombatants if she wants any chance of getting off-world in time to survive.

575 - The Douchess of Taelsby

When a teenage duchess comes whimpering back to her family after a failed stint in a rock band, she finds it more difficult that she expected to adjust make to life as a noble.

574 - Lay Low

After pulling off the heist of the century, a group of brilliant criminals slowly fall prey to a variety of schemes, arrests, and infighting as they try to wait five years before they recover their loot.

573 - The Love is Gone, but the Salad Isn't

When a struggling husband-wife chef duo start bitter divorce proceedings, they both compensate by throwing themselves into their work, and rocket up to international superchef status. But the better their career goes, the less contentious their marriage - and the less contentious their marriage, the worse their cooking.

572 - Please Enjoy the Party

When a gang of terrorists lay siege to a billionaire's house party, the head of security is tasked with not only stopping the attack, but keeping the party from getting disturbed in the process.

571 - Still Running

Hours into a two week quarantine, a medical student confesses infidelity to her husband; the pair of them spend the next two weeks fighting, discussing, and trying to hash out what's going to happen to their marriage.

570 - Don't Fight Dragons

Months after the secret fantasy world of wizards, vampires, dragons, and elves has made itself public, a rookie PR agent finds herself embroiled in a presidential conspiracy looking to start a war with a dragon - but can she find anyone else who will help her stop things before they escalate?

569 - The Guru

After getting fired from his job due to a boss's mistake, a fluent techie goes into business for himself as a contractor.

568 - Miss Lead

When an international model launches a coup in her destitute home country, everyone assumes she's just a figurehead - which she is able to capitalize on to great, and bloody, effect.

567 - Used to the Light

When a punk band gets arrested protesting an authoritarian dictatorship, they find their true calling isn't playing music, but organizing an outright rebellion.

566 - Alcoholics Apocalypse

After it's clear the world will be destroyed in less than a week, a group of sober alcoholics work together to stay sober in the face of the end.

565 - Thicker than Water

A generation after half the planet was suddenly replaced with a medieval fantasy world of elves and dragons, a cop goes undercover in the court of a vampire king to find the source of a new magical drug that's been ravaging Las Vegas.

564 - Why Won't You Leave?

When the ghost of a coffee shop owner returns to haunt his shop, the new owner works with the ghost's family to unravel the surprisingly comprehensive conspiracy by Big Coffee that led to the former owner's death.

563 - Bring Home the Bacon

When a secret billionaire finally reveals her wealth to her middle-class fiance and introduces him to her parents, both of their families start trying to isolate the couple from the other family - her family to protect their money, and his to get access to it. Neither family seems to care much about what she or her fiance want…

562 - What Do You Take Me For?

After a string of jobs that should've been great but got ruined by abusive bosses and destructive bureaucracies, a wannabe coder stops trying to get good jobs, and starts trying to get hired by the worst bosses possible to expose them on her blog.

561 - The Long Game

When a young girl is inducted into a secret society by her grandfather, she must spend her entire life preparing for the society's endgame of summoning an ancient deity.

560 - The Wicked Flee

When a storied investigative journalist "retires" to a small port town that happens to house a lot of the fabulously wealthy, the real estate mogul who's also the mayor of the town tries to help whichever constituent is being targeted cover up their scandals - but without knowing which one the journalist is actually there for, he has no choice but to hide everything.

559 - Sing to Me

When a supposedly-retired composer is found dead at her villa with an incredible opus having been her final creation, a pair of young composers compete to cover up the death and claim her work as their own.

558 - Fickle

When a woman is stalked by the hitman she hired to kill her husband, she struggles to get help for her issue without revealing her guilt.

557 - Attention

When a fame-obsessed Twitch streamer racks up a lot of viewers after a drunken tirade, he starts deliberately exaggerating his antics to dangerous levels in order to keep growing his "brand."

556 - Equality and Equilibrium

After losing a big internship due to her own mistakes outside the office, a would-be accountant takes over the books for her family business - a move she views as a downgrade, while the rest of her family is thrilled to work with her.

555 - Ghost Town

When a man on his way to a business trip breaks down in the middle of a small town, the locals warn him about the murderous spirits that come out at night. But come nightfall, the spirits warn him about the murderous locals…

554 - You're Right, I'm Sorry

When a bank manager's fifth ex-wife gets the house in their divorce, he's forced to move in with his domineering - and slightly senile - father until he can find a new place.

553 - The Best Defense

When an aging prosecutor is forced into retirement by a new boss, she takes up a new career in criminal defense in an effort to tarnish her former boss's record.

552 - The Butcher

When it's mathematically proven that all animals have souls, a lifelong butcher retires and becomes the leader of a violent sect of vegans.

551 - Human Resources

When a put-upon HR manager is thrown under the bus after a major lawsuit, she launches a blackmail campaign against her superiors that quickly spirals out of her control.

550 - Tabletop

When an in-character betrayal brings up some out-of-character hard feelings, a well-intentioned Game Master running a tabletop RPG struggles to repair his party - and their real-life friendships - before any permanent damage is done.

549 - The Mediocre Girl

When her last remaining sibling develops superpowers, the powerless, mediocre firstborn of the city's favorite heroes struggles to find her place in a world where she won't ever be able to save the day.

548 - The Bastard

When the king and all his heirs die at sea, a young farmer is chosen as a false bastard, whom the nobles pretend to be a true heir. But when he resists the nobles' manipulations, he finds himself caught up in a dangerous game of blackmail and treason that he may not be able to survive.

547 - Homewrecker

When a demolition foreman accidentally demolishes the wrong house, guilt drives her to ever-increasing acts of repentance, much to the displaced family's chagrin.

546 - The Bully

When a 12-year-old's classmate is killed, she takes it upon herself to solve the murder.

545 - The Slow One

When boxer is disqualified from professional boxing, he studies chess to start competing in a national chess-boxing tournament.

544 - Old Dog, New Tricks

When a new lead pops up in a 30-years-cold case, an 80-year-old detective forces his way out of retirement to close it.

543 - Jock Strap

When a loner otaku is in danger of flunking PE, he has to work his way up to starting lineup for one of the school sports teams for extra credit.

542 - Be Your Own Boss

When a merger accidentally leaves a lone employee with no direct superior and no work to do, she has to spend her days looking as busy as possible to prevent anyone from figuring out she's redundant.

541 - Bottomless

When a professional eater dies before attempting his final food challenge, his daughter starts training to complete his legacy.

540 - Pops

When an offshore oil rig worker finds out his boss is his estranged father, they have to get used to working with each other over the next 28 days.

539 - Delivery

After losing his job, a now ex-truck driver finds solace in weekly poetry readings at the local coffee shop.

538 - The Enemy of My Enemy

A hundred years after aliens showed up on earth and left their own hegemon in charge of the planet, his chief councilman works behind his back to organize a rebellion to take back the planet.

537 - How Was Your Stay?

When the first aliens make contact with Earth and move into a Maine bed and breakfast, the B&B owner finds herself in over her head with caring for exotic guests while fighting off international spies.

536 - To Win the Game

When a reality show contestant figures out the entire show is being rigged for maximum drama, she cranks the drama up to 11 to try to get the show cancelled… but winds up becoming a breakout reality star instead.

535 - Happy Campers

When a camping trip goes terribly wrong, a pair of 8-year-olds have to hike thirty miles through the wilderness to get help for their trapped and wounded parents.

534 - Tattleteller

When a bank teller witnesses her boss committing murder, rather than turn him in, she starts blackmailing him.

533 - The Beeper

When a teenage delinquent finds her grandmother's old beeper in the attic, she gets wrapped up in grandma's criminal past - and present.

532 - Unknown, Unknowable

When an alleged rapist is found innocent after 20 years in prison, he struggles to adapt to life on the outside, and has to decide if he even wants to repair relationships with friends and family who abandoned him.

531 - Repeat Offender

When the entire world starts repeating the same day over and over again, a prisoner close to release fights for his right to get out of prison even though the calendar says he hasn't served his full sentence.

530 - Complexity

When a failed stock broker accidentally creates a massive hit video game, he tries to convince himself to transition to a field he has no interest in, instead of following his passion in a typically passionless field.

529 - Pierce the Veil

When an unappreciated psychic dies, she returns as a ghost in an attempt to prevent a tragedy she saw while still alive.

528 - Floats Your Boat

When a billionaire's yacht sinks near a deserted island and he and his crew are forced to forage for survival, he struggles to maintain his status in this new scenario.

527 - The Priest of the Invisible

When a teenage boy goes to live with his grandparents and care for his dying grandfather, he expects to be miserable for a summer. Instead, he learns his grandparents' love of poetry and of life.

526 - The Deep Path

When a trade caravan takes a route through a mysterious underground realm that judges your character, a upright young caravan guard has to do his best to protect his unscrupulous friends and companions - or decide if he really wants to.

525 - The Dead Man's Diary

When a rookie cop stumbles across a key piece of evidence from a decades-old cold case, she finds herself at the center of a still very active conspiracy that's more than willing to kill to keep its secrets.

524 - A Crusader in the Yankees' Manager's Office

When a medieval knight from King Arthur's court is inexplicably transported to modern New York, he adapts to life faster than you'd expect… until King Arthur arrives with a rescue party.

523 - The King's Guest

When the king kills her husband in a friendly duel, a fisherwoman is brought to the king's castle and has to adapt to life in a noble court.

522 - Killed the Cat

When the preteen son and daughter of a hitman find out their father's profession, they set out to save his latest target, ideally without their father finding out about their meddling.

521 - I Didn't Even Know You Were Catholic

When a random plumber from New Jersey finds himself elected pope, nobody can figure out why - least of all him.

520 - Dreams and the Dreamer

When her daughter's nightmares start literally becoming real, a stay-at-home mom ventures into the seedy world of black magic to find out how to make it stop - no matter the cost.

519 - Fake Laugh

When an international superstar comedian contracts a disease with 99.9% fatality rate, rather than fight it, she vlogs her experience from diagnosis to death.

518 - Please Stay

When a salesman offends his pregnant girlfriend so bad she leaves him, he has to prove to her that he's changed before she'll let him have anything to do with the birth and the baby.

517 - No Good

When a mob boss contracts a potentially deadly illness, his entire family independently conspires to kill him and seize control. Rather than try to stop them, he works with the police to take them all down after he dies.

516 - Laser Sword

When human terrorists introduce crime to an alien utopia, the only ones violent enough to stop the criminals are more humans, who find themselves deputized to hunt down the terrorists.

515 - Astral

When all the stars in the sky simultaneously shift course to hurtle towards the Earth, a flight attendant whose father was abducted by aliens is the only one who knows what's happening and how to stop it.

514 - Fear the Reaper

When a realtor's dead father starts haunting the house she's trying to sell, she needs to figure out what's keeping him here and fix it if she wants to ever sell it.

513 - Standing at the Edge of the World

When an aspiring DJ finds out her family has secretly been working on summoning the Old Gods in a ritual spanning generations, she's the only one who can stop them - and also the only one who can finish the ritual granting her a throne of power in the New World.

512 - World War II-2

When a World War II vet finds out his grandchildren are neo-Nazis, he goes on a violent crusade against the ones he deems responsible for corrupting them.

511 - Too Fast

When a high school track star sells her soul to run faster, it works too well, and she finds herself on the run from government agents hoping to discover why she can run 90 miles per hour.

510 - These Old Bones

When a wannabe necromancer accidentally animates his grandparents' skeletons, he finds their company to be simultaneously exhausting and actually quite pleasant - if only the neighbors didn't mind…

509 - Missed Connection

When a genie grants a depressed construction worker a second chance with her ex-husband by rewinding time 20 years, she finds him to be much worse than she remembers, and has to decide if it's worth staying with him in order to relive her youth.

508 - Battle Cry

When subterranean monsters start emerging from the sewers, a teenage plumber is the only one with the guts and the know-how to flood the monsters' home and save her hometown.

507 - Like There's No Tomorrow

When war breaks out on the first day of their vacation, a group of spring breakers decide to throw caution to the wind and party in the middle of everything.

506 - The Henchman's Mother

An evil henchman's mother kills the mad scientist he works for an takes over his death machine in order to make sure her son gets his fair share.

505 - Jack in the Box

Years after trapping the evil spirit that possessed their house, a young family lets the spirit back out in hopes of it chasing away their violent neighbors.

504 - Get Yours

When an aging salesman learns he's about to be forced out of the company, he plans a theft with some of his coworkers.

503 - Wind and the Waves

When the young witch of a small town in Maine is forced to mediate a truce between warring spirits, she struggles to impose herself strongly enough to keep the peace.

502 - Bald

A thrift store manager who's just beaten cancer struggles to get back to the life he had before.

501 - The Girl in the Mirror Asks Weird Questions

When a teenage girl's reflection starts convincing her to commit ever-escalating crimes that she always gets away with and that always improve her life, she struggles to convince herself to stop before she goes too far.

500 - Tibbles and the Wren

When police find the serial killer they've been hunting is actually an alien's pet, they struggle to convince the alien of mankind's sentience in order to get him to reign his pet in.

499 - Honor and the Honorless

When a martial arts master's star pupil defects to start his own school, the master and the student both try to force the other out of their small town.

498 - Butchers and Spies

In the 1950s, a mob family is recruited by the CIA to ferret out a Russian spy - but both sides chafe under the terms of the arrangement.

497 - The Child's Slave

When a minor Roman noble dies unexpectedly, his head slave is forced to help his 12-year-old daughter run his estate.

496 - Merely Obsessed

When a teen idol's manic fan gets caught breaking into the idol's house, the idol lets her stay in exchange for performing illicit tasks for her.

495 - The Light in the Waves

When a desperate fisherman finds proof of the existence of Atlantis, he struggles with the possibility that he hasn't actually found anything, and is actually just going insane.

494 - The Name's Ice

When young, stern assassin is paired with an elderly, carefree sniper, the pair struggles to collaborate long enough to finish their job. But when the job goes south and they're hunted by assassins themselves, they don't have a choice.

493 - Colder

After a minor car accident leaves a family stranded in the middle of a blizzard, they're forced to trek through the wilderness with their young children in order to survive.

492 - The Ship of Theseus

After true teleportation is invented, a scientist involved in the invention starts noticing that everyone who's teleported once is a little bit different. A little bit worse.

491 - Quitter

When an Olympic runner drops out to help her aunt in hospice care, she finds most of her hometown to be less supportive than she'd expected, and has to deal with the fallout in the midst of saying goodbye.

490 - A Few Less Teeth

When a champion bar brawler and bouncer decides to fight professionally, he gains more fans and followers the more he's disqualified for brutality.

489 - The Associate

When the owner of a computer repair shop is kidnapped by the mob to recover incriminating information off of a damaged drive, she finds the mob to be good customers who pay well and promptly, and starts a nice little side business catering directly to them… until the FBI catches wind of her.

488 - Strike Gold

When a California prospector witness a violent murder and robbery, he finds himself framed and on the run from the law.

487 - Airsick

When a severely ill woman dies on an overseas flight, the crew has mere hours to determine whether the disease she died of was too contagious to safely land.

486 - To Each His Own

When a dying man splits his fortune evenly among his five children, with the provision that they each have to pick one of the others to give their portion to, all five immediately begin scheming to get as much of the inheritance from the others as they possibly can.

485 - Get Going

When a drug runner for the cartel is discovered feeding information to the police in the middle of a run, she winds up running from the cartel, the police, and border patrol all at the same time, as she tries to escape to Canada.

484 - Hit

When an up-and-coming comedian is kidnapped to perform for the local mob boss's birthday, he has to tread a fine line between entertaining and cautious if he wants to survive the night.

483 - Bigger Problems

When vampires, the illuminati, and kaiju all turn out to be real and start trying to take over the world at the same time, they're forced to work together against an alien invasion.

482 - Small Talk

When a comedian's joke campaign to ban bad weather takes off, she finds herself the unwilling spokeswoman of a political party dedicated to firing missiles at clouds.

481 - Gone Tomorrow

When a time traveler breaks down in the modern era, she raises funds fortune-telling to acquire the resources she needs to go back home.

480 - At Least I Tried

When a homeless man finds a millionaire's wallet lying on the ground, he has to resort to increasingly extreme methods to return the wallet.

479 - Raised By Wolves

After a tragic accident during a family road trip, a 10-year-old girl is left alone in the wilderness with only her two dogs to keep her safe.

478 - Yup, That's Murder

When a small-town sheriff who's only ever dealt with drunks and vagrants catches a serial killer who's passing through town, he struggles to convince himself that the guy is really all that bad.

477 - I Do What I Want

When the spoiled daughter of a billionaire goes to stay with her working-class extended family as an extended punishment, she turns the punishment around when she starts an underground club that becomes wildly popular.

476 - Insatiable

When the daughter of a man running a massive blackmailing ring kills her father for beating her and her younger brother, she takes over his blackmailing in order to maintain their standard of living, and soon finds she has a talent for it.

475 - The Thing That Lives in the Alley

When an 11-year-old girl finds a creature that can look like anyone it chooses, she befriends it and tries to help it stay hidden from the government agents looking for it.

474 - Vigilant

When a serial killer unknowingly kills a guy running a dogfighting ring, he rebrands himself as a vigilante by only killing people society would think deserve death. But he's still killing people, and now it's easier to connect all of his murders…

473 - To Kill a God

When the god of a small kingdom demands a human sacrifice, the queen and her most trusted companions journey to the god's domain to kill him.

472 - Agent of Chaos

When an FBI agent's criminal family gets killed by a rival gang, she abandons the force to get revenge.

471 - A Higher State of Being

When a scientist studying alternate dimensions happens to stumble upon the physical location of Nirvana, he starts a business selling instant enlightenment. But the reincarnated monks living there don't take too kindly to the incursion of rude tourists…

470 - It Has Its Ups and Downs

When an apprentice elevator repairman finds a bomb at the top of an elevator shaft, the police have to talk him through the disarming process before it goes off.

469 - Mad

After a fatal case of road rage leads to a truck driver killing his only son, an angry father plots the murder of the truck driver as he awaits trial.

468 - The Best Revenge

When she gets passed over for the promotion in favor of her younger cousin, the daughter of a real estate tycoon starts her own realty agency in direct competition to the family business.

467 - Great Job

When a recent graduate lands a job working at the top tech firm in the world, she struggles to enjoy it over the low-responsibility days of her past.

466 - Give Up

When an ultramarathon runner gets injured in the middle of nowhere, she has to drag herself back to civilization before she succumbs to hunger and fatigue.

465 - Face Death

When a violent string of murders rocks the city, the lead detective teams up with the biggest crime family in town to pool resources and catch the killers.

464 - Mortal

When a death-worshiping hitman discovers the existence of a coven of vampires in the heart of the city, he takes it as his sacred duty to kill all of them, no matter the cost.

463 - Dropped the Ball

When the oldest son of a circus family drops out of clown college to pursue a career in finance, he struggles to convince his family that he has a plan for his life.

462 - The Fallout

In the days following the start of nuclear war, a farming family in Wisconsin deal with refugees streaming out of a bombed-out Chicago.

461 - The Staging Ground

When the Milky Way goes to war with Andromeda, Earth winds up the surprised staging ground for the battles to come - with no one more surprised than the failed artist chosen as the alien king's personal human-translator.

460 - Unalone

When her husband dies on the way to the hospital, a new mother struggles to adapt to single parenthood.

459 - Falling Apart

When a brilliant architect's latest skyscraper collapses due to a subtle design flaw, she latches on to signs of sabotage in a desperate gambit to avoid crippling guilt.

458 - For Better or For Worst

When a young bride finds out at the reception that her new husband is a fugitive wanted in seventeen states and three countries, she has until they leave for their honeymoon that evening to decide how much she wants to cooperate with law enforcement.

457 - The Death of the Author

When the number one author on the New York Times Bestseller list winds up dead every Sunday for a month straight, the number four bestselling author hires a private detective to get to the bottom of things before she's on top of the list.

456 - Home for the Haunted Days

When grandpa's ghost shows up for Chrismas dinner, it takes a little getting used to for the rest of the family, but they make do. But then he sticks around afterwards, and he's getting ectoplasm everywhere.

455 - Clearing Up

After the hurricane of the century ravages a small beach town, those who stayed behind struggle to rebuild their lives and make sense of the wreckage.

454 - Mayor for a Day

When a mixup on the ballot leads to a 12-year-old accidentally being elected mayor, it's all fun and games until the child mayor stumbles upon a massive mayoral scandal and conspiracy that the former mayor is willing to kill her over.

453 - Back to Basics

When it's discovered that a college professor lied about graduating high school when she was hired 30 years ago, the dean forces her to go to night school before anybody else finds out.

452 - Wet Behind the Ears

When a scuba instructor loses one of her trainees in an easily-avoidable accident, she struggles to come to grips with her own failures.

451 - What Did You Say?

When a drunk heckler finds himself consistently getting more laughs than the comedians he's watching, he embarks on a tour of other comedians' shows to amass his own following.

450 - Must Come Down

When a new pilot's first flight ends in a terrible crash in the mountains, surviving the crash itself isn't enough - now she has to limp her way through a hundred miles of wilderness.

449 - Wageslave

When a painter's daughter ignores art in favor of working in a cubicle, he goes to extreme lengths to convince her to do something important with her life instead - much to her chagrin.

448 - Divine Retribution

When a medieval nun's sister is killed by a corrupt lord on the other side of Europe, she abandons her vows and sets out to get vengeance.

447 - The Smuggler

After developing a lucrative side hustle smuggling goods into a prison, a young baker is shocked to discover most of the goods she's asked to smuggle are basic items everyone should have access to - books, writing supplies, and the like - but campaigning for prison reform winds up having risks of its own.

446 - Old Saint Nick

When an evil druid chieftain replaces the 4th-century Saint Nicholas with 21st-century Santa Claus, the only way for modern Santa to return to his own time is to kill the druid chieftain and claim his book of power.

445 - Snowed In

In the wake of an unprecedented blizzard, a family new to rural life is forced to survive weeks without water, power, or help.

444 - Housesitting

When a teenager who's housesitting for a neighbor is the only one there when the house gets burgled, rather than run, or call the police, she gets in on the burglary… leading to her becoming the lead suspect in the case.

443 - Friends and Enemies

When a crooked cop's son is kidnapped, she's forced to call in favors from her fellow officers and the mob alike in order to track down the kidnappers.

442 - Go the Spoils

After a champion gladiator is recruited by a paranoid senator to serve as a bodyguard, rather than living the cushy life, he finds his life significantly more complicated after the senator turns up dead.

441 - The Bomb

When terrorists claim they've hidden a dirty bomb in the middle of Manhattan, the FBI recruits a statistician to do the math determining what locations to evacuate, and what locations to write off.

440 - More Than Human

When a revolutionary new artificial spine increases human capabilities, the scientist who invented it finds herself the unwitting figurehead of the transhuman movement.

439 - Dead Weight

When an Olympic athlete loses her foot in a ridiculous accident, she designs a replacement that actually improves her time. So much so, in fact, that people start wondering about the "accident…"

438 - Paperweight

When college professor finds an unearthly artifact in her attic, her attempts to figure out what it is and where it came from lead her down a disturbing path of cults and forgotten gods.

437 - For Old Times' Sake

When a former drug kingpin's granddaughter gets engaged to the nephew of the detective who took him down, the four of them have to navigate their complex web of social ties in order to survive the wedding.

436 - Capeless Crusader

After an apocalyptic event gets rid of every superhero's powers, the former defender of the city struggles to adjust to a desk job at an internet startup.

435 - The Swordsman

When a violent bandit draws his sword in the middle of the tavern, the entire city is forced to band together to stop him.

434 - Queen of the Mist

When a teenage girl finds out her elderly neighbor is an actual witch (the "Hail Satan" kind, not the friendly kind), she quickly finds herself hunted by otherworldly beings summoned to make sure she can't let the secret slip.

433 - "Normal"

When a traumatic brain injury leads to her saying exactly what's on her mind all the time, a dropout-turned-journalist finds a sudden influx of popularity, and enemies.

432 - Volunteered

When a 50-year-old baker is mistakenly drafted for the Vietnam War, he decides to go with it - better him than some 18-year-old with his life ahead of him. He just has to get through boot camp first.

431 - Forgotten but Not Gone

When a teenage girl gets back from summer camp only to find her friends and family have literally forgotten she ever existed, she finds a surprising freedom to reinvent herself.

430 - What a Hit!

When a pro athlete is dropped for doping, he starts his own league that encourages rampant drug abuse and violence.

429 - A God I Can't Remember

When her country falls in a violent revolution, a spy embedded in America tries to make a life for herself under her cover identity.

428 - Curse God and Die

When a pastor's entire church dies in a freak accident, he struggles to rebuild in the midst of a community that thinks he's to blame.

427 - Never Have I Ever

When a sorority pledge who's about to wash out finds evidence that one of her would-be sorority sisters was the one who killed her sister, she has until the end of a night of hazing to find proof.

426 - Antes and Uncles

When a failed gambler discovers his 12-year-old niece has a remarkable talent for Texas Hold'em, he hatches an elaborate plot to win a local championship with her.

425 - If at First You Don't Succeed

When a pro boxer retires due to newfound pacifism, he struggles to find a new career path that both meshes with his new beliefs, and also benefits from him being really good at hitting people.

424 - Number Two

When the evil mastermind accidentally steps into his own deathtrap, his chief lieutenant is forced to act as though this was all her plan, lest she be beset by all of his other lackeys who sense a power vacuum.

423 - Settling Up

When the daughter of a fast food restaurant owner is brought in to help when the store's shorthanded, she finds the job agrees with her a lot more than her parents would prefer.

422 - Dark Days

When a mysterious toxic fog blocks out the son, a couple has to decide whether or not they should abandon their dying son to increase their odds at survival.

421 - One Drop

When a white supremacist finds out she's actually part black, it taints all of her relationships and forces her to make some hard decisions about who she is.

420 - Like and Subscribe

When a failing Youtube celebrity finds out she has a stalker, rather than get the police involved, she uses the drama to drive up her subscriber count. But the more success he brings her, the more the stalker feels he's earned.

419 - God Save the Me

When the king of a small city-state is assassinated, his daughter fights to avoid the throne and its lethal baggage.

418 - What You Deserve

When a miserable loser unexpectedly inherits her uncle's millions, she sets out to get revenge on everybody she feels has wronged her - no matter the cost.

417 - Win Big

When a small business owner loses everything to her gambling addiction, rather than get help for her problem, she gets a poker coach and tries to win everything back.

416 - One in a Million

When a billionaire finally succeeds at cloning his dead wife, she winds up leaving him. So he clones her again. And again. And again…

415 - Saint

When a violent drug dealer kills a rival who, unbeknownst to him, had a couple girls chained up in his basement, he's hailed as a hero - but with the accolades comes a lot of attention he'd rather avoid.

414 - Four out of Five Stars

When a 4-star military general takes over his daughter-in-law's coffee shop while she and his son go on parental leave, he finds running it to be pretty different than military command.

413 - Whelmed

When a 20-year-old wunderkind is hired to replace a legendary tech CEO, she has to fight to keep her place amidst the company's rocky valuations and board members hoping to take advantage.

412 - Peace of Cake

When a baker accidentally drops a cake on the enemy general who was about to sign the peace accords, it's war all over again unless they can find a way to make amends, and quickly.

411 - Mean Streak

When America's favorite children's TV host gets unceremoniously dumped by the network, she does her best to tarnish her own brand, and take the show's value down with her.

410 - If.

When an anti-Nazi resistance group is forced to shelter a group of POW escapees, they find themselves having to make the hard choice of surviving, or giving up the POWs.

409 - In for a Penny

When an international jewel thief pairs up with a semi-senile coin collector to steal a priceless centuries-old quarter, she's forced to work less as a partner, and more as a caretaker in order to get the job done.

408 - Piledriver

When a middle-aged loser becomes a masked wrestler to relive his high school wrestling glory days, he does surprisingly well… until his family finds out.

407 - What Do You Want from Me?

When a teenage gardner is kidnapped by the family she's gardening for, she struggles to get them to admit a reason - and to, you know, escape.

406 - Scout's Honor

When a Boy Scout troop's treasurer accidentally discovers evidence of massive fraud at the police hall where the troop meets, the troop is divided on what to do about it.

405 - Out of Dodge

When an unprecedented swarm of tornadoes threaten the entire Midwest, a pair of foster parents and their six foster kids struggle to make it out of the danger zone.

404 - Incorruptible

When the new frontier sheriff immediately proves to be corrupt, the former sheriff's deputy travels alone to the state capital to issue a complaint.

403 - Gin and Tonic

When a cop who doesn't play by the rules is forced to take on a rookie partner, the rookie is absolutely horrified at the things the cop does on the job, and takes it upon himself to keep his new mentor in check.

402 - Regular Haunts

When a ghost "dies" and finds himself alive again as a human, he's forced to wander life looking for what he left undone as a ghost so that he can finally move on to the after-afterlife.

401 - Ready or Not, Here I Come

When an international hide-and-seek championship ends in a draw, the two victors crank their training up to ridiculous levels in preparation for next year's bout.

400 - More Than Enough

When the richest man in the world wins the lottery, it opens the floodgates for spurious lawsuits and long-lost cousins, to the point where he starts losing what he had before.

399 - Without

When the apocalypse finally comes, life doesn't change much for a rural farmer and his family. Then the raiders come.

398 - Out of Options

When the CEO of a tech startup takes a loan from the Russian mob, she knows if the company goes under, they'll be out for blood. Then the company goes under.

397 - On Top of the World

When a construction crew gets stranded at the top of a collapsing space elevator, they have to work together to have any chance of surviving.

396 - Whichcraft

When a teenage Wiccan accidentally discovers real magic, she tries to abandon it all - but whatever it is she woke up, it is hungry.

395 - Out of the Frying Pan

After her homestyle diner shuts down, the head chef decides to open up a fine dining establishment in the heart of New York City.

394 - To the Quick

When the world's greatest heart surgeon needs a complicated heart surgery, she finds it difficult to decide which of her inferiors will be able to pull it off.

393 - Spare Change

When a childless billionaire leaves his entire estate to whichever of his family puts the least effort into acquiring it, a war of passive-aggression erupts, the likes of which the world has never seen.

392 - Fair Well

A year after running away with the circus, the former outcast loser has reinvented herself as a cool, confident badass… until her troupe circles back through her hometown.

391 - Out of Spite

When a grumpy old woman mounts a campaign to be the new chair of the HOA, the task winds up being difficult due to the fact that nobody likes her at all.

390 - Willful Harm

When a 6'7" ex-boxer puts an attempted mugger in the hospital, he struggles to convince investigators he was, in fact, the victim.

389 - Body and Soul

When a struggling songwriter finds meteoric success as a poet, she struggles to break back into songwriting when all of her success lies elsewhere.

388 - In Recess

When a the power of a jury foreman goes to his head, he stretches the deliberation period of a trial out to maintain his relevance as long as possible.

387 - Not That Hungry

When an adopted teenage girl finds out her biological mother is the reigning pie eating champion of the world, she gets into professional eating to get closer to her.

386 - Taking in a Stray

When a homeless man shows up having found their lost dog, a family decides to take in the homeless man and get him back on his feet as thanks.

385 - Breakdown

When a school field trip's bus breaks down at a rest stop in the middle of nowhere, a lone, beleaguered teacher has to keep two dozen bored teenagers in check until a new bus can reach them.

384 - Livestock

When an unsettled meat-lover decides to raise, kill, and eat her own goat, she faces pushback from carnivores and vegetarians alike.

383 - Out to Lunch

When a middle schooler playing hooky bumps into an elderly shopkeep on lunch, the two strike up a partnership - the middle schooler running the shop during lunch breaks, in exchange for the shopkeep posing as her grandfather.

382 - Senioritis

When a chubby loser's glow up blows up in her face on the first day of high school, she resolves to get revenge on all of her bullies by befriending all of their grandparents at the local senior center.

381 - Whiz Kid

When a teenager invents a bike that can fly, a nefarious businessman kidnaps her father to force her to hand over the technology behind it.

380 - Colder

When their frontiersman father falls deathly ill in the middle of a blizzard, a teenage girl and her brother have cross miles of wilderness to get to the nearest doctor - and even if they succeed, they still have to get back.

379 - Three-Day Weekend

When a put-upon office drone second-guesses the probably-technically-criminal prank she left in her boss's office Friday evening, she has until work resumes on Tuesday to break in and undo it.

378 - Void Where Prohibited

When a paper-pusher's company runs a massive sweepstakes with a grand price of ten million dollars, he collects a small group of office misfits to rig the competition in their favor.

377 - Just What I Needed

When a newly-paroled ex-con finds out her husband sold the house she'd hidden her stolen fortune inside, she poses as a housecleaner to get the money out - which would be a lot easier if the homeowner wasn't lonely and looking for a friend.

376 - And Taxes

After her nonbelieving husband dies, a devout Christian wrestles with the church's teaching that her husband is doomed to eternity in hell.

375 - T-Minus

Two hours before a rocket launches carrying an orbital weapon, a group of radical pacifists infiltrate the launch site in a plot to sabotage the rocket before it's too late.

374 - Whine and Cheese

When a professional food critic is upstaged by her dropout daughter's review blog, tensions rise at home - which is only amplified when her daughter starts dating a Michelin Guide inspector who's twice her age.

373 - Give Up and Die

When a criminal runs from the mob, rather than spend his life hiding, he resolves to enjoy his time left, and accept the inevitable hit put out on him. When the hitmen do show up, though, they think his life of leisure looks pretty nice; maybe they'll give it a try, too?

372 - Lookout

When nobody believes a homeless man who witnessed a kidnapping, he sets off on his own to rescue the kidnapped child.

371 - Charitable

When the police shut down a drug ring that was operating from inside a charity and legitimately helping the community, the chief faces a severe backlash and is forced to enact new community support measures to keep the peace.

370 - Fame Fatale

When a famous blogger is discovered to secretly be an international assassin, she ascends from internet-famous to famous-famous. Which makes hiding from Interpol astonishingly difficult…

369 - At Fault

In the chaos and aftermath of a massive earthquake that nearly sent San Francisco into the sea, a failed journalist and her roommate struggle to document the governmental failures that prevented an evacuation.

368 - How Am I Gonna Use This in Real Life?

When a zombie apocalypse begins during school hours, a grumpy old shop teacher is the only one standing between his middle school students, and the undead hordes.

367 - Nature Trail to Hell

When a veteran camper takes her family on a week-long hike and comes across a secret death cult, she finds herself and her family next on the cult's list of victims. But the cult doesn't realize everyone in her family is a dedicated hunter, and they're ready for anything.

366 - Community Pharmacists

When a retired elderly couple starts selling drugs in their retirement home, they succeed beyond their wildest dreams. So when a local gang starts trying to move in on their turf, they don't take it lying down - they put up a fight

365 - Good Enough for Me

When a supervillain and her arch-nemesis fall in love, in addition to the standard tribulations of courtship, they both try desperately to sway the other to their side.

364 - My Name Is

When the world's greatest boxer retires to care for his sick brother, his trainer moves in with them, pretending to help, but mostly trying to convince him to get back to fighting.

363 - Wish You Were Here

When an accountant tells her family she's going on a business trip when she's actually on a Caribbean cruise, the lie gets difficult to maintain when she wins the cruise line's special hundred million dollar lottery.

362 - AWOL

When a soldier goes AWOL behind enemy lines, he's found by his enemies and nursed back to health. But do they actually care about him, or are they trying to milk him for information?

361 - Goodbye, Goodbye

When an anti-mob dectective's kid dies in a freak accident, she finds signs of foul play. But is there actually someone behind this, or does she just want there to be?

360 - It's So Good Though

When the actual Satan opens an ice cream bar on the beach, a disgraced former nun gets a job working for him… until she finds out the ice cream is actually the souls of the damned. But when it turns out everything is totally legal and above-board, the only way she's going to be able to shut it down is by sneaking in and blowing it up.

359 - The Kidnapping

When a wealthy tycoon's family is kidnapped and held for ransom and he tells the kidnappers to suck an egg, you'd expect some trouble. But when the whole thing turns out to have been a plot by his kids to get at his fortune - but involved actual kidnappers who are expecting paychecks - things get really dangerous.

358 - Are You Okay?

When her boss starts turning into a vampire, a put-upon assistant is forced to deal with the business ramifications, like meetings during the day, or finding discreet body disposal services.

357 - The Hunter

When a serial killer kills a taxidermist with an impressive stuffed animal collection, he gets into hunting deer instead of people. But when he progresses from hunting to poaching, the local game warden sets him in her sights.

356 - The Prize

When a dead billionaire leaves his entire fortune to whoever kills the most people in one year's time, a crack team of international cops is assembled to stop the chaos and track down who's holding the money, in order to ensure nobody "wins."

355 - Humongous

When a peasant farmer finds a sick, eight-foot-tall ogre, and nurses him back to health, the ogre helps out around the farm and scares away bandits. But when a knight comes through and kidnaps the ogre for sport, the farmer has to trek to the city to save him.

354 - Godmother

When an abused girl is assigned a fairy godmother as a way to ease her trials, rather than escape from her home, she gets revenge.

353 - Just Say the Word

When a genie's lamp is found and accidentally rubbed by a particularly unintelligent dog, the genie must find a way to grant the dog a wish in order to be released from servitude.

352 - The Change

When an adopted girl's pubescent changes include growing antlers and moth wings, she hunts for her birth parents while she's still mostly human.

351 - New Me

When a self-help author has a near-death experience, she abandons her guru lifestyle to join the workforce as a white-collar wageslave.

350 - Ball and Chain

When an escaped convict holes up in his ex's in-law's house, he starts to find peace in quiet farm life. Until his ex shows up.

349 - Hitting the Fan

When a Korean orbital superweapon is hijacked by governmental extremists, a crew of Indian astronauts on a simple test flight are the only ones in a position to sabotage the weapon before it can fire.

348 - Peasant King

When a knight is abandoned to die by his king, he's nursed back to health by the king's oppressed people, and winds up leading a rebellion.

347 - Some Light Murder

When an international assassin retires to a life of petty contract killings in a small suburb, she takes the police chief's teenage daughter under her wing.

346 - The Counselor

When an old man's young neighbors' extremely vocal arguing keeps buyers from being interested in his house, he starts maneuvering to repair their relationship… at least long enough for him to sell his dang house.

345 - Retired

When a newly-retired middle school teacher finds out one of her former students is dropping out of high school to care for his sick father, she moves in with them as the father's caretaker.

344 - Postal-Apocalypse

When a post-apocalyptic mailman finds one of his regular cities overrun by bandits, he convinces them to join him as a slightly-insane postal service.

343 - Part and Parcel

When a USPS worker finds herself the unintended victim of a mail bomb, she embarks on a vigilante manhunt to find the bomber who's been terrorizing the entire city.

342 - Waking Up Dead

After a fatal accident, a teenage girl finds herself haunting her hometown for the next several hundred years.

341 - Crossed the Line

When a 19th-century train conductor witnesses a murder along his route, he works with an outlaw sheriff to bring the murderers to justice before they kill him.

340 - Rabbit out of a Hat

When a stage magician accidentally starts performing real magic, he's quick to capitalize on it, only to find himself hunted by the inquisition.

339 - Here For One Night Only

When a massive music star is bequeathed her dying grandfather's farm, she wrestles not only with the grueling labor, but with the jealousy of her less-successful siblings.

338 - All-Natural

After tremendous success in growing artificial organs, a scientist manages to grow an artificial brain. When it turns out the brain is conscious and sentient, though, the scientist is forced to fight for its survival, rather than dissection.

337 - Temporarily Immortal

When a scientist not only discovers time travel, but proof that he'll survive at least the next eight years, he goes on a crazy bender, supposedly to prove his theories, but mostly because he can.

336 - The Last Resorts

When an international supervillain kills or captures all of the world's greatest secret agents, the governments of the world pool together to scrounge up a team that might be able to stop the villain's plot. If they're lucky.

335 - Finally

When a fabulously wealthy family patriarch is on his deathbed, his dropout grandson (and sole inheritor) struggles to find a balance between taking care of his grandfather, and his past-due bills.

334 - Fighting the Law

When a disgraced sheriff is taken in by a bandit posse unaware of his past, he struggles to keep his secret while the posse raids his former town.

333 - Cheese and Crackers

When an upstart culinary dropout starts a bakery right next to the biggest competitor in town, their rivalry gets heated - and violent.

332 - Unbearable

When a physical therapist loses a leg, she struggles with being on the other side of physical therapy.

331 - The Garbagemen

When the garbagemen cleaning up a dead mad scientist's house stumble upon dozens of working weapons and death traps, they claim them all as their own and become superheroes.

330 - Floating

When disaster strikes and a tourist is stranded in the middle of the Amazon, she builds a makeshift raft and floats down the Amazon river in hopes of reaching civilization.

329 - Punished

In a world where the only punishment for any crime is that crime being made public knowledge, after a put-upon wage slave kills his boss, his family is forced to flee from the boss's sons' retaliation.

328 - Non-smoker

When a supervillain with power over fire is implicated in a series of arsons and murders, the only person she could possibly get to vindicate her is her arch-nemesis, but he doesn't seem too eager…

327 - The Archive

When a librarian gets an odd gig at a secret government agency, she gets way less than she expected: there's nothing interesting, just a bunch of medical information that needs to be private. But when she starts asking why they're storing all of it, she finds herself on the run from government agents trying to shut her up before she's even found anything scandalous.

326 - See You In Hell

When a girl dies and is doomed to hell on a technicality, Saint Peter agrees to let her into heaven if she can stop a particularly tenacious imp from ruining the Pope's upcoming Christmas mass.

325 - The First Time Today

When a time traveler arrives in her kitchen warning of impending doom, a housewife soon discovers she's been pranked. But when she tries to get the prankster back, it turns out he actually is from the future - and his joke may have caused a disastrous time paradox.

324 - Got No Strings

When a conniving politician sets up a (relatively) innocent buffoon to serve as a puppet president, only to die in a freak accident, the buffoon is left to navigate leadership of the free world

323 - A Lot On My Plate

When a single mother's van is stolen with all three of her kids inside, she embarks on a wild chase across the city to track down the unwitting kidnapper.

322 - It's a Mythery

When a serial killer starts murdering people in scenes based on ancient myths, criminal investigators enlist a mythology professor to help them track down the killer. The only problem: the professor doesn't care, and sends his TA to pretend to be him instead.

321 - Faster

When a behind-enemy-lines rescue op goes south, the lone survivor has only one hour to get back to safety before the enemy army arrives in force.

320 - The Temple

In the near future, when a high school dropout volunteers at a technology-worshiping temple, he finds it difficult to attain serenity among the scandals of the clergy.

319 - Back Home

When a superspy retires after a particularly grueling mission, he struggles to adjust to everyday life.

318 - Garnish

After a chef poisons a mob boss that had been threatening him, he fears repercussions; instead, he finds himself getting contracts for more poisonings.

317 - Fire and Brimstone

In the aftermath of an enemy bombing, a pair of orphans try to get into the heart of the bombing to find their missing cousin.

316 - Don't Look Now

When an elite superspy stumbles upon a plot to rob his favorite restaurant while on a mission, he struggles to find a way to stop the robbery without breaking his cover.

315 - Me and me

When a man undergoes a bizarre, controversial "personality bifurcation" in order to keep working 24 hours a day, everything goes fine at first. But the later he stays up at night, the more time his new headmate gets during the day…

314 - Jellyfish

When an aquarium janitor starts getting orders from a telepathic jellyfish, at first she thinks she's crazy - but when following the jellyfish's orders lead to a promotion, more friends, and more confidence, she goes all-in.

313 - Retro

When a mid-life failure figures out he can travel in time by playing old video games, rather than play the stock market or win the lottery, he attempts to use his powers to save his favorite game developer.

312 - Gravel

When a poacher stumbles across a hermit squatting on private lands, rather than turn each other in, they start teaching each other.

311 - Significant Other

When a pair of best friends' kids start dating, they both try to convince their kids to stop. But when they find out the other has been bad-mouthing their kid, things get out of hand.

310 - Up and Down and Up

When a camera guy witnesses an aerobics instructor murder an underperforming background assistant after hours, he needs to escape the empty studio without getting caught.

309 - You Punched a Kid

When a substitute teacher gets jumped by a bunch of 8th-graders and defends himself, he has difficulty dealing with the fallout.

308 - Six Feet Over

After a young obituary writer is possessed by the ghost of his predecessor, he finds himself repeatedly possessed by the newly deceased in order to write their own obituaries.

307 - And Then

In the 1950s, when a priest gets in a car accident on the way to officiating his estranged niece's wedding, he pulls out all the stops -hitchhiking, gambling for taxi fare, anything to get to the church in time.

306 - Menace

When a new graffiti masterpiece is found on a grumpy old man's restaurant, he launches a personal crusade to hunt down and murder all of the vandals in the neighborhood.

305 - You Shouldn't Have

When a tourist accidentally saves the life of the city's biggest crime boss, she finds herself dragged against her will into the most glamorous parts of the underworld in the boss's clueless attempts to show his gratitude.

304 - Hit the Ground Running

When a passenger plane crashes in the middle of an active warzone, the only two survivors find themselves hunted by both sides.

303 - Walking About

When a tourist on a trendy "walkabout" in Australia gets separated from the group, he struggles to survive alone in the outback. And the longer help takes to come, the more it seems like he's going to have to find his way home himself.

302 - Fortunate

When a fortune-teller sees a destructive hurricane in a client's future, but the client just laughs it off, she goes to extraordinary lengths to find out where the hurricane will take place and how to prepare for it.

301 - Leaves

When a drug dealer's son is killed in a drive-by meant for him, he stops dealing and starts doing everything in his power to clean up his town - whether that's violence, PR, or even working with the cops.

300 - Optimal

When a sudden solar flare wipes out most of the electronics on earth, five friends at an isolated cabin have to decide if and how they should go back home.

299 - Desperate Measures

When the city's resident superhero snaps and starts murdering supervillains, his former sidekick rallies the villains in a desperate attempt to rescue them.

298 - Last of a Dying Breed

When a professional monster hunter's husband is infected by a werewolf, the pair of them have to fight their former allies in order to survive long enough to find a cure.

297 - Volunteer

When a woman's father is captured by the enemy, she volunteers to go undercover behind enemy lines to find the POW camp and stage a rescue.

296 - Finality

When a grave robber unearths a man buried alive by his greedy children, he agrees to help the man get revenge on his kids.

295 - The Clubs

When a dying golfer bequeaths his priceless heirloom set of golf clubs to his next-door neighbor, she tries to figure out why he'd do such a thing before he actually kicks the bucket.

294 - Sensei

In the year 1599, when a once-respected Samurai is offered a job as a crime boss's enforcer, he wrestles with his principles, and survival. In the year 1999, a crime boss's daughter who's offered the opportunity to get out wrestles with her duty to her family, and desire for a better life.

293 - Poet with a Chainsaw

When two serial killers realize they're stalking the same group of teens, their arguments over who gets to murder everyone makes it hard to murder anyone.

292 - All That Glitters

When an international cat burglar is turns himself in after 20 years, the rookie detective newly in charge of the case struggles to determine why - and if perhaps his surrender is a cover for a score yet to come.

291 - The Cult

When a has-been investigative reporter accidentally kickstarts the resurrection of a long-dead god, rather than try to stop it, she does her best to keep the process going, reporting on it all along the way.

290 - Hell and Back

A young gambler flees her debts by running into the cursed realm of evil spirits - only to find out one of her debtors is a powerful demon.

289 - The Landing

When a young girl nurses a wounded bandit back to health, it turns out he's not a bandit, but a fallen good - and the other gods are coming to finish the job.

288 - Carry More

When a sort-of illegal business gets tagged by the feds, a nobody desk jockey grabs all the sensitive information she can and runs to Panama.

287 - Lead and Gold

When a disillusioned soldier's dying enemy tells him the location of a hidden treasure, he goes AWOL behind enemy lines to recover it.

286 - Cat and Mouse

When an international spy is cornered in a foreign military headquarters, the only thing she can't do is escape - so she tries to get as much intel as she can before she's caught.

285 - Hurt People

When a woman accidentally causes the death of her sister, she takes in her sister's kids and tries to raise them as her own.

284 - Remember

When a middle school girl with a photographic memory unwittingly witnesses her mother's affair, she'll try anything to forget what she saw.

283 - Conscience

After discovering her latent Divinity, a talented warrior is the only link to humanity that her all-powerful sister has left. She has to protect her sister from those who would use her power for themselves - not because her sister can't defend herself, but because if she did, she'd wipe out entire cities.

282 - The Ghost

When a ghost possesses the leader of a troupe of ghost hunters, the remaining hunters struggle to escape the ghost's haunted woods.

281 - Swing By

When a woman out for a jog decides to drop in unannounced on an old friend, she happens to get there just in time to interrupt her friend's kidnappers, and is swept up in the kidnapping herself.

280 - Transpiritual

When the inventor of a machine that can talk to the dead discovers that her machine is actually talking to something from another dimension, she has to figure out what this thing wants and why it's pretending to be people's dead ancestors.

279 - Big Deal

When a retired actor stars in what winds up a wildly successful viral marketing campaign, he comes out of retirement to great acclaim, only to find the Hollywood he's reentering to be very different from the Hollywood he left.

278 - Out for Good

When a mob hitman gets the call to take out his favorite boxer, he instead helps the boxer escape and start a new life as an aerobics instructor.

277 - Real Scary

When the last vampire in the world decides to stop hiding and just reveal herself, she's shocked to find herself an international sensation. She gets a cartoon, a breakfast cereal… and the attention of the world's last vampire hunter.

276 - WWJD

When a wildly successful porn producer catches religion, rather than stop making porn, he starts using it as a preaching tool.

275 - Valentino

In the 90's, When a former drug dealer loses his convenience store job, in order to avoid returning to drugs, he turns instead to selling black market beanie babies.

274 - The End

After her brother dies in a hospital before she can get there to see him, a young woman sits with a dying old man in the last hours of his life.

273 - Pale

A soldier behind enemy lines is forced to work with the enemy in order to survive a vicious blizzard.

272 - Big Game

When a Greek War Elephant goes berserk and flees across the Roman countryside, a small village's most seasoned hunter is tasked with taking the beast down.

271 - Personal Assistant

When an enthusiastic young golf caddy convinces a billionaire to take him on as his personal assistant, everything is looking up - until he finds out the billionaire expects him to find people for him to hunt for sport.

270 - Jump In

When an adrenaline junkie's husband dies in a base-jumping accident, grief pushes her to ever-higher levels of thrills.

269 - Fart in the Wind

When a once-prominent shock-jockey embarrasses his daughter so completely he's uninvited from her wedding, he embarks on an cross-country radio tour to crash it and win her approval back.

268 - Born of Smoke

When a Southern general is slain in battle, his trusted slave seizes the opportunity to escape in the midst of the gunfire.

267 - For Kids

When a once-great struggling author finds success writing YA novels under a pseudonym, he has to balance his desire to continue writing deep philosophical epics with his desire to make rent.

266 - Breath

After killing the man who massacred his temple, a warrior monk retreats to a small mountain village to make peace with his violence. But when a group of bandits starts threatening the village, he's forced to make the decision between pacifism and violence anew.

265 - Soulbound

When once-vanquished evil starts breaking into our world, the heroes who defeated it in past lives must remember how to defeat it again, without breaking into past rivalries.

264 - Ceremonial

When the entire parliament of a small European country is killed in a savage attack, the ceremonial queen finds herself in very real authority as the country scrambles to defend itself.

263 - Overbaked, Underproved

An apprentice baker who struggles to fit in with her instructor's dog-eat-dog philosophy finds fame as her blog shifts away from recipes and more to sharing dirt on her bakery - but the more stories she shares, the harder it is to stay anonymous…

262 - Takeout

When a chinese place's regular stops making his daily orders, the delivery guy checks to see if he's okay - gets caught up in a whirlwind of mafia hitmen and witness protection.

261 - Sketch

When the 14-year-old daughter of the head of the FBI catches her father in a shady backroom deal, she has to find a balance between her conscience, her family, and her survival.

260 - Live Hard

After a typical action movie protagonist has killed the entire mafia in revenge for them murdering his family, he struggles to adapt back to normal life.

259 - For Better or For Worse

When a seasoned hitwoman finds out her new husband is also secretly a hitman, it seems like a match made in heaven - until he starts asking for her help.

258 - The Day After Yesterday

The morning after her first gunfight, a crooked cop struggles to pull herself together.

257 - Souls of Men

When the kingdom's greatest knight forswears all violence shortly before the capital comes under siege, the king struggles to convince him to rally the defense.

256 - Once and For All

After a bank teller's son is revealed to be the prophesied hero that will save the world, she struggles to raise him in a manner keeping with his regal destiny.

255 - Pro Bono

A wandering mercenary helps a small town that desperately needs protection, despite their inability to pay him - leaving them to wonder if they'll have to pay in other ways.

254 - Left Standing

A small medieval city, completely ravaged by a hurricane, struggles to rebuild in the immediate aftermath.

253 - Come Fly With Me

Years after a mob boss has gone completely legitimate, he's caught up in an FBI investigation of his cousin, and he has to decide how strong his loyalty to his family is.

252 - The First Month

When a young housewife's husband dies, she struggles to keep herself and her two children sane and healthy in the immediate aftermath.

251 - Apocalypse Soon

When the angel in charge of starting the apocalypse accidentally starts it a thousand years too early, he teams up with a retired Hindu priest and Satan to stop everything before it gets too far out of hand.

250 - Feral

A brother and sister, raised by wolves, are taken in by an elderly farmer. When the farm is beset by bandits, the siblings fight tooth and nail to protect their benefactor.

249 - And War

When the Queen's people revolt for Independence, she goes with them, siding with them, and against her husband, the King.

248 - Apocalyptic

When magical terrorists destroy the entire continent of North America, the rest of the magical world comes out of hiding to help save the world.

247 - Square One

When a 15-year-old girl starts "remembering" future events, she struggles to convince the adults of an upcoming danger before it's too late.

246 - Inevitable

When a new doctor's daughter is diagnosed with a rare terminal disease, she abandons her specialty to research cures.

245 - Dead End

When a graveyard's groundskeeper starts seeing ghosts, he thinks he's going crazy. But the more advice he gets from them, the better he does in life.

244 - Seven-Zen Split

When a sloppy Buddhist monk discovers he has a talent for bowling, he struggles to stop his hobby from overshadowing his religion.

243 - Easier to Ask Forgiveness

The IT chief at a major company gets fed up with the company ignoring her security concerns, she launches an all-out cyberattack on her company to force them to adopt her changes. When the company instead capitulates to the "hacker" and grants all of her demands, she has to decide at what point too much is too much.

242 - Indomitable

After a dying king tasks his two children to protect their people even after the kingdom falls, both take conflicting paths: the son tries to rally and reconquer, while the daughter serves the conquering kingdom in the name of peace. When the siblings find war with each other, their convictions waver.

241 - Tomb World

When an exploration crew checking out potentially habitable planets finds a empty planet littered with tech more advanced than anything they've ever seen, they have to find out why the planet is abandoned before they can flag it for science crews. And it was definitely abandoned for a reason…

240 - Infinite

When a girl living in an infinite city pisses off a high-ranking mayor, she's forced to run through the planes to survive.

239 - Fidelity

When a woman is convinced her husband is cheating, she goes to increasingly elaborate measures to seduce him while pretending to be someone else.

238 - Esperanza

When a young illegal immigrant starts getting visions of ICE and police raids, an orphan coyote uses her to evade capture and become a smuggling kingpin.

237 - Sober

When a werewolf is drugged at a bar and unintentionally wolfs out and kills everyone, she struggles to evade notice and capture until morning.

236 - Whatever's Coming

Two warring generals are forced to work together to survive the storm of the century.

235 - Tales

When a wandering storyteller starts telling stories implying the local lord has committed various crimes, the lord struggles to get him to shut up without looking guilty.

234 - Your Biggest Fan

When a famous singer is kidnapped, a fanatic fan takes it upon herself to find him… even though she's the lead suspect.

233 - Inertia

When a physicist's husband threatens to leave her when she's on the verge of a huge breakthrough, she has to decide where her priorities are.

232 - The Hunted

An immortal wanderer hunts the demon who killed her family across revolutionary war.

231 - Total War

When the war reaches their town, a high school class bands together to escape to a neighboring country.

230 - Satan Is Not Dead

After a scientist conclusively disproves God, the Devil emerges from hiding to wreak havoc, and only the scientist has the tools to stop him.

229 - Killing Time

A teacher finds out her new neighbor is a time traveler from the year 2200. He says he's here as a tourist, but she soon finds reason to suspect more nefarious motives.

228 - The Huntress

In a post-apocalyptic wilderness, a town reached by monsters is about to pick up and run when a professional monster hunter arrives - forcing them to choose between survival and peace.

227 - Mountains

The daughter of a murdered sheriff tracks her father's killer across the wilderness as he toys with her.

226 - Ash in Your Mouth

A sergeant gets the promotion he's been gunning for, but rather than staying on the front lines, he's disgusted to find himself running a labor camp. He has to decide how much of his humanity he's willing to sacrifice to continue advancing.

225 - The Center of the Universe

A group of deep-space astronauts in the near future find themselves drafted into an intergalactic war against an ancient evil that's the source of entropy.

224 - Doomsday

When a supervillain's doomsday weapon works, the hero who was fighting him has mere hours to save as many people as he can.

223 - Permanence

A dishonored crusader leaves Jerusalem and heads east, not caring where he'll wind up - until he encounters a minor noble desperate for help against a vicious bandit king.

222 - Losing and Finding

A dying explorer searches for a mythical city deep in the Amazon - desperate to find it before he dies.

221 - Must Be Hard

When a once-promising entrepreneur's business fails miserably, she gets a job working at her grandparents' travel agency.

220 - Deep Shit

A plumber who launders money for the mob steals a cool million from them and runs to Ecuador. The hitman they send after him enjoys Ecuador, and they wind up unknowingly becoming friends.

219 - Got It

A failed college athlete sets out to sabotage the GPA of the entirety of his former team.

218 - The Enemy

A scientist successfully brings a fully dead man back to life - complete with memories of hellfire and damnation.

217 - You Can't Take It With You

A family of ghosts finds a living family uncannily similar to themselves, so they possess all of them and try to adapt to modern life among the living.

216 - Lean

When a couple discovers they both have aggressive cancers, they navigate treatment together.

215 - Moonset

A horror movie monster befriends a group of children and starts protecting them from other monsters.

214 - The Insurgent

A failed drill sergeant accidentally finds he has a knack for rallying terrorists, and decides that if he's leading them, he can stop them from hurting anyone who doesn't deserve it.

213 - Lazy River

In the 40s, a twelve-year-old runs away from home on a homemade raft, drifting down the Mississippi. His parents, certain he's been kidnapped, launch a nationwide witch-hunt for the kidnapper.

212 - Tracks

When a world-famous hunter goes to South America to find a missing prince, he finds the prince has gone native - in violent fashion.

211 - The Day Before

The wife of a man who lives his life backwards knows that today is her last day with him, and tries to find some way to keep him.

210 - With It

When a college dropout joins her grandfather's fax repair company, she discovers the whole thing is a money laundering operation, and she fits right in.

209 - The Sleepers

When an entire town starts having the same nightmare every night, a Freudian psych student home for summer tries to decipher the message before everyone in the town goes mad for lack of sleep.

208 - Detestable

A retired supervillain accidentally becomes a superhero when he tries to clean up his neighborhood to raise the property value. He finds he likes the positive attention, but along with attention comes digging into his past…

207 - Fighter

A teenage hoodlum gets caught vandalizing a martial arts dojo, and the master agrees not to press charges if the teen studies under him.

206 - To Dust

A teenage girl inherits her grandmother's funeral parlour and wrestles with the responsibilities and her parents'desire to sell the business.

205 - Honeymoon

After their entire family and most of their friends die in a freak accident at their wedding, a young couple moves to a new country in an attempt to cope.

204 - Looking Up

As increasingly superpowered heroes and villains appear in her city, an alcoholic reporter does her best to keep up with news without losing her life or her sanity.

203 - Fight Back

A champion boxer accidentally kills his opponent in a fight, and takes time off to find peace with it.

202 - The Butcher

An ardent carnivore adopts a piglet to prove to raise and butcher himself to prove that he doesn't have a problem with eating meat.

201 - Psychopomp

A just and virtuous soldier who dies in battle defending the innocent finds his soul in high demand. He has to make the perilous journey to the afterlife, guided and protected by a pair of guardians sent to get him there safely.

200 - Pluto

A mission to the edge of the universe finds a strange realm that seems to be populated by Earth's dead. When leaving proves more difficult than arriving, the crew starts to wonder if they really did fly there - or if they're all dead.

199 - Maiden

When his family moves to rural Maine, a teenager meets the spirit of a young girl who had drowned in the lake. She slowly seduces him into helping her drown others.

198 - Molehill

The prom queen, bored to tears in the summer before college, makes it her project to get her overweight loser classmate in shape for college.

197 - Just to Try It

A pair of deli workers kill a man, just to see what it's like. The guilt proves more intrusive than they expected, and they both deal with the stress in different ways.

196 - & Associates

A rookie lawyer stumbles upon a massive scandal at her new firm; when it's made clear she can't stop it, she decides the only option she has is to kill everyone involved.

195 - The Chauffeur

An elderly french tourist visiting Florida gets carjacked and forced to drive a group of bank robbers in a massive police chase.

194 - I'd Like to Tell You

A white-collar wageslave starts his new job after a year-long soul-searching trip across South America, but has trouble adjusting to normal life again.

193 - Sam's a Boss

A high school sophomore switches schools due to being bullied, and does his best to reinvent himself at his new school.

192 - The Size of the Fight

When an international assassin's brother dies, he gives up the game to take in his niece and nephew. But he's still got his share of enemies…

191 - Once in a While

A newly widowed seamstress leaves the big city to retire to a quiet village, taking her three children with her. All four of them have trouble adapting to life without their husband and father, and without city comforts, and struggle to find where they fit in this new life.

190 - Brutal

A 7-foot-tall brawler who's never lost a fight declares that he'll take all challengers. When a 5-foot-nothing twerp with a chip on his shoulder takes the challenge, rather than crushing him, the brawler takes him as a student.

189 - The Dragonslayers

A group of thieves and criminals prepare for the ultimate heist: stealing from a stellar dragon's planet full of treasure, right under the dragon's nose. However, when the dragon wakes up on the warpath mere days before they can launch their heist, they realize they're the only ones in the galaxy who are prepared enough to kill the dragon before it can wreak its havoc.

188 - Or Alive

When an infamous bandit turns himself in for the reward money, the sheriff has to decide if the bandit really does want the money to help his sick family, or if there's something more nefarious in the works.

187 - The Pack

When a vigilante starts hunting members of a violent gang, the gang leader has to resort to desperate measures to save his friends.

186 - 18 hours, 22 minutes

An Antarctic research team loses contact with the rest of the world, bit by bit. They struggle to determine what's happening, if it's going to happen to them, and what they should do about it.

185 - Sooner or Later

An elite psychic agent works to prevent a nuclear holocaust by killing the leaders of the free world. Meanwhile, a counter-psychic works to stop her - whether by force, or persuasion.

184 - The Businessman's Son

When a high-stakes salesman's son is kidnapped, he runs the negotiation like one of his sales - to the kidnappers' chagrin.

183 - Really?

When a a kid sees his next door neighbor robbing a convenience store, rather than turn him in, he blackmails him into helping with chores and homework. And when he needs some extra money, he knows who can help him find some…

182 - The Empty Throne

An heirless queen abandons her throne to risk her life slaying the dragon that's terrorized her people.

181 - White Peace

Two warring lords, once childhood friends, both press for peace, but their vassals refuse to forgive their enemies.

180 - Trust Me

A homeless man who lives in the woods finds a pile of dead bodies - but the only people who believe him think he's the one who killed them.

179 - Embarrassed to Even Ask

The biggest nerd in the world is worshipped by legions of geeks, has two wildly successful podcasts, his own board game company, and is completely miserable. But a chance encounter with an insecure gym rat - who loves his work - gives him a chance to reinvent himself.

178 - Fuel for the Fire

A lone hiker starts hearing voices in campfires, urging him to start more fires.

177 - Service Animal

When a civilian gets blinded in a warzone, it's up to his faithful dog to get him to safety.

176 - To Each His Own

When a retired clown being held hostage accidentally ends up arrested with the robbers holding him, he winds up being the only one with the unique skills necessary to break them all out.

175 - Hair of the Dog

When a hitman's mob boss won't let him retire, he retires anyway - and just keeps killing everyone sent after him.

174 - Empyrean Blue

A spy deep behind enemy lines sets up a cover identity as an itinerant farmhand… And winds up liking their fake life more than their real one.

173 - Victim

An international sensation: teenage kidnap victim escapes, beats kidnappers to death. But adjusting to life as a killer - even a popular, justified one - proves to be the greater challenge.

172 - The How

When a revolutionary accidentally kills her entire team while making a bomb, she goes off the rails and stops caring about anything but the Cause.

171 - Big Shark

When a rookie saleswoman lands the biggest sale of the decade, she has to fight tooth and claw to keep the credit for herself - without losing the sale to the company's competitors.

170 - Destined

When the prince destined to save the world from a great evil dies in a training accident, his peasant lover sets out to slay the evil herself.

169 - It Ain't So Bad

An elderly doctor enters hospice care, ready to die, and he winds up having a great time. No stress, round-the-clock care… if only he weren't dying.

168 - The 'Zine

A bored high school teacher starts a subversive magazine with his detention students. Things get complicated when they become a nationwide success.

167 - The Peace of the Grave

When the greatest of the Five Martial Masters embarks on a quest to kill the other four, his niece travels with him in an effort to persuade him to stop - or at least understand why he's doing it.

166 - The Deep Places

When a 20th century hunter unwittingly kills the god of the island he's visiting, the dark spirits in the water are unleashed.

165 - Smash Hit

When a former action star beats up a dude in a barfight, he develops a taste for real violence, and soon finds himself in a world of underground fighting, and even outright murder.

164 - Staunch Supporter

An important politician runs away, hiding from his responsibilities in a small rural town in the middle of nowhere. Meanwhile, a wannabe blogger finds fame leading the search.

163 - The Smuggler

An imprisoned pirate with a knack for violence is offered a full pardon if he smuggles the crown prince safely through enemy territory.

162 - Buffalo

A retired sheriff kills a murderous bandit; but when he finds the bandit's two starving kids, he takes them in as his own.

161 - Oracle

When a deep-space exploration crew finds their own ship from one month in the future, drifting in space with themselves dead inside, they have to figure out what happened before the month is up.

160 - The Complete Idiot's Guide to Demonology

A girl and her brother summon a demon just to see if they can. Once it's there, though, they have their hands full stopping it from being destructive and evil.

159 - A Matter of Time

When a band of guerilla scouts see that the military is on its way to their base in overwhelming force, they have to get back first in order to warn their brothers.

158 - Failure of Imagination

A wandering gun-for-hire agrees to spare his target in exchange for payment, but soon finds it difficult to keep his former target from revealing he's actually alive.

157 - How Small a Spark

When an office drone finds an unaddressed note implying his wife is having an affair, he lays waste to his life looking for proof that may not even exist.

156 - Heartstrings

A struggling performer stows away on a foreign trading vessel, and rebrands himself as an outcast royal. Things get tricky, though, when a wave of sympathy leads to calls for his host nation to help him take back his throne.

155 - No Man is an Island

After both of their wives die, a man and his father move in together and have to adjust to their new life together.

154 - Bleed

When a paramedic on his way home from work gets caught in the middle of a gang shootout, he soon finds himself shanghaied into patching up wounded gang members on the frontlines.

153 - Apostate

When a reviled villain returns to her long-abandoned monastery, claiming repentance, her victim's former apprentice has to decide if she's truly had a change of heart, or if it's all part of another plot.

152 - Rat

After a dead underboss's daughter convinces the Family that the boss responsible for her father's death is a rat, she has to find the real rat before the Family figures out her lie.

151 - All This Time

When an experiment goes awry, a junior researcher finds time moves several million times slower for herself than anyone around her. Which is good, because if she can't figure out how to slow herself back down in the next ten seconds, she'll be trapped like that forever.

150 - Real Criminal

When she loses her job to a shitty excel spreadsheet that she made, the only thing keeping a tired NYC accountant around is looking out for her tweeker neighbor's kids. So rather than leave them behind or stay behind herself, she kidnaps them in the hopes of providing a better life.

149 - The Book of Jonah

When her Buddhist mother dies, a devout Christian must decide if she really believes her mother went to hell, or if she's willing to deny a foundational part of her religious beliefs.

148 - Egg Nog

When a lone bank robber accidentally steals fifty times as much money as he was planning for, he simultaneously becomes fabulously wealthy - and targeted by the FBI rather than local police. He knows he'll have to flee the country, but the entire point of the robbery was to fund his Christmas with his family, so he tries to elude capture until December 26. In the end, he's caught at a Christmas Eve service, but the agent pursuing him allows him to stay with his family until midnight before bringing him in. In the epilogue, he gets rich writing his autobiography while in prison.

147 - The Janitor

When a janitor overhears a murder plot at an office Christmas party - without seeing who was involved - he has to figure out who's trying to murder who before they do it and get away with it. When the police prove unhelpful, he has to navigate the office's social hierarchy himself, without looking too out of place - which is hard when you're the janitor at a white-collar party. He eventually manages to figure out who the target is, and jumps in front of the bullet meant for him, saving the man's life, and stopping the conspirators.

146 - Christmukkah

A Jewish girl who converted to Catholicism when she married doesn't fit in with her family anymore, nor does she really fit in with her husband's. During the holidays, she tries to convince her family to let her participate in Hanukkah, but they refuse, and they also refuse to have anything to do with her Christmas celebrations. Then, when her in-laws are critical of her "Christmas spirit," she tries to just call off the holidays altogether. Finally, she and her husband celebrate both holidays on their own, and start their own family traditions.

145 - The Christmas War

When the Frost Giants once again try to invade our world, only Santa and his army of elves can save us. The militaries of the world at first view both sides as hostile, but Santa manages to convince them he's on their side, and they swap secrets - Santa tells the militaries about magic, and they tell him about missiles. Together, they manage to fight back the frost giants and save the world.

144 - Enough

After losing custody of her children, an angry, lonely park ranger tries to prove to the courts that she's fit to parent her kids, in the hopes of getting to spend Christmas with them. Her efforts go from pretending she doesn't have problems, to hiding her problems, and finally, after missing one Christmas with them, to actually trying to fix her problems. While her efforts don't end up having any effect legally, after all of the effort she goes through to improve herself as a person, her ex-husband ends up inviting her to spend Christmas with him and the kids anyway.

143 - Supernatural Disaster

When the daughter of a fake psychic receives a vision of a calamity, she struggles not only with whether or not her vision was real, but if her dad was really faking it or not. She tries to develop her "abilities," though unsure if they really exist, and investigates the likelihood of her foreseen disaster occurring. She finally decides that it is real, her father wasn't faking it, and manages to save the lives of hundreds - though her father dies in the rescue effort.

142 - The Comet

When a strange comet passes between Earth and the Moon, the leader of a cult pretends the phenomenon is a sign of the end times, growing his cult exponentially. But when strange, unnatural things start happening, he starts to fear that he's right, and uses his cult to try to stave off the end times. Eventually, when the comet passes and the Earth is none the worse for wear, he's left to wonder if he stopped the apocalypse, or if there never really was one.

141 - Big Buddha

A sports reporter interviews a former mixed martial arts champion who retired to a Buddhist monastery, trying to discover why he left fame and fortune for obscurity in a foreign country. He shares the story of how he had grown bored of his victories, and was intrigued by the some what exotic claims of the monks, who used martial arts not for combat, but for enlightenment. As he explains his journey from skepticism to belief, the reporter finds herself pulled down the same path.

140 - Disappearing Act

When a street magician figures out how to actually make things disappear, she gets involved in everything from petty theft to kidnapping in her quest to master her new skill, with an ultimate goal of making herself disappear to see where she goes and if she can come back.After years of honing her skills, she attempts it, and succeeds - she disappears, never to be seen or heard from again.

139 - A Deeper Meaning

When a worn-out office drone starts seeing signs and patterns in mundane things like clouds and floral shirts, his sister initially just believes he's gone crazy. But as more and more of his predictions come true, she wonders if he's on to something.The ultimate test of her belief comes when he tells her that unless she quits her job, her son will die; she knows that if she quits, and nothing happens, she'll never know if it was because she quit, or because nothing was going to happen.She decides to quit, and nothing happens. She attributes that to her brother, and asks him what she should do next.

138 - Living History

When a failing archaeologist finds out that she's descended from legendary pirate Blackbeard and that the treasure her grandfather talked about was real, she travels to the Caribbean to find it and save her career.

137 - Stealing from a God

An ancient Greek revolutionary raids the Great Pyramids to acquire the wealth he needs to finance his revolution. There's no way those things are actually cursed, right?

136 - Hide Your Booty

After a wildly successful raid, the first mate of a pirate ship has a dickens of a time figuring out where to hide her treasure that it won't be found, but she'll still have access to it.

135 - A Heist to Remember

A veteran bank robber wants to rob Fort Knox so that she'll go down in history - and a rookie FBI agent wants to stop her for the same reason.

134 - The Treasures of the Ancients

In a post-apocalyptic world, a treasure hunter finds evidence of a secret bunker holding all of the Smithsonian's greatest treasures, and tries to find it amid the bandits and raiders who have colonized the remains of Washington DC.

133 - Staking Claims

During the California gold rush, a young Chinese immigrant sets out to make her fortune - by opening a restaurant to cater to the gold-seekers.

132 - Back Home

A murderer who fled his country struggles to find a place for himself in foreign society with values completely the opposite of his own.

131 - Solitary Confinement

An inmate locked in solitary confinement reflects on how he got there as he slowly gives in to insanity.

130 - That Girl with Amnesia

When a young woman with amnesia wanders into a small town in Utah, everybody does what they can to figure out who she is and where she came from. But as time passes and she finds a place for herself in the town, they stop helping her remember, and start hoping she doesn't.

129 - Everybody Dies Alone

When a dying old man suffering from intense dementia winds up in the hospital, a nurse searches tries to find the old man's family in time for them to be with him as he dies.

128 - The Slow Sadness

When a young woman is widowed three months after moving to the other side of the world, she's forced to rely entirely on strangers in order to survive.

127 - The Queen's Army

When a young thief is exiled from her city-state, she pretends to instead be an exiled queen, and raises an army to retake "her" city.

126 - The Far Shore

On an island nation whose people never leave sight of shore, a young woman sails to the mainland in search of her long-missing sister.

125 - Murderer

A time traveler goes back to the year 1880 to kill Adolph Hitler's mother, but finds it difficult to go through with the deed, given that she's done - and will do - nothing wrong.

124 - Colonials

When a colony ship that failed to find a habitable planet returns to earth after hundreds of years, its people are forced to integrate with a society that's completely foreign to them.

123 - Streets of Gold

The story of a Spanish conquistador who arrives in the New World as a young man, and spends the rest of his life searching for a mythical city made entirely out of gold.

122 - The Elfking

When a dying woman is visited by the man whose life she saved as a little girl, he offers her one wish. She has to decide what she wants to wish for, while trying to figure out who the man is.

121 - The Envoy

When the new queen finds out that her predecessor humiliated and executed Genghis Khan's envoy who had come seeking peaceful trade, she personally makes the perilous journey to his court to petition him for mercy.

120 - Queen of Clubs

When a wealthy young heiress is cut off from the family funds, she turns to professional gambling to sustain her extravagant way of life.

119 - King of the World

When a powerless young prince stumbles across a genie who grants him three wishes, his first wish is to be the king of the world - but it winds up being more responsibility - not to mention more dangerous - than he expected.

118 - King of the Sea

When a viking king abandons his throne to become a pirate, his son and daughter both follow suit. But when his children conspire against him and seize control of the coastline, he's forced to ally with his former kingdom to stop them.

117 - Empress of the Village

The beloved empress of a mighty realm cedes the throne to her son and retires to her birthplace: a small village in the mountains. All she wants is a quiet retirement, but her stature keeps bringing her - and the village - attention.

116 - Queen of Air and Darkness

A young human woman, kidnapped as an infant and raised by fairies, maneuvers in the fairy courts in a bid to take the throne of a fairy queen.

115 - King of the Jungle

When a tourist in India is attacked by a wild tiger, the town she's staying in bands together to find and kill the tiger - all while she's trying to stop them.

114 - Becoming

As an immortal sorcerer quests to become a god over a period of centuries, generations of heroes rise up against him, struggling not only against him, but against fear, despair, anger, and themselves.

113 - Pencils in Space

When Cold War Soviets create a psychic spy, the USA has to figure out how they did it, while avoiding - or ideally, finding - the spy himself.

112 - The Banker

When a young bank clerk figures out that the Mob is laundering money through the bank she works at, she has to get the information to the police before the Mob catches her.

111 - The Rat King

When the members of the Virtue Squad, a superhero team, are all killed by a new supervillain, their sidekicks and powerless allies are the only ones left to stop the villain.

110 - An Attribute of the Strong

When the mystically empowered guardian of a temple shrine profanes the shrine by killing a man who sought forgiveness, he runs away to continue enacting his own perception of justice; and the only one who can stop him is the temple's 80-year-old abbot.

109 - Thicker Than Water

When a superpowered government test subject breaks loose and starts wreaking havoc, his sister has to find a way to stop him before the government decides he's too dangerous to take him alive.

108 - The Wildmen

In a future where animal DNA is spliced into humans, when a madman does the opposite and turns intelligent animals into an army, a small band of rebels rises to stop him and force him out of their city.

107 - That Time of the Month

An adopted Canadian girl discovers she's a werewolf, and goes on a quest among the supernatural community to find out about her heritage.

106 - The King of the Cats

When an athletic housecat belonging to an old Irish couple hears that the King of the Cats is dead, and he's next in line for the throne, he has to get to the feline court while avoiding the assassins sent by his rivals.

105 - Cheetahs Never Prosper

When a man buys a cheetah to convince his wife that they couldn't handle having a baby, she's convinced - because the cheetah is definitely too much for them to handle.

104 - The Lion Tamer

After running away and joining the circus, a young girl befriends the animals, especially the lions. When she realizes how unhappy the animals are, though, she plots to free them and release them into the wild.

103 - Ape

When an 8-year-old girl is the only survivor of a plane crash in Cameroon, she's left alone to die in the wilderness - until a chimpanzee adopts her into its family.

102 - Slacking with My Rat Bastard of a Brother

After suffering a spectacular bankruptcy, a once-promising executive takes a job with his slacker brother whose website inexplicably made him a millionaire.

101 - Ragged Spirit

An newbie ghost hunter who doesn't quite believe in ghosts encounters the spirit of a street urchin who died alone in a gutter. She has to help the spirit find peace and move on, but neither of them have any idea how to do it, or why he's still here.

100 - Sinners and Ancients

When a ship sent to the center of the sun finds a dark god trapped inside of it, the crew is tainted by the experience. The captain has to make certain that none of the crew has been contaminated by the darkness before he can allow them to return to Earth.

99 - The White Wind

When an Inuit shaman's village starts starving to death, he goes on a spiritual quest to discover the source of their misfortune, and to reverse it.

98 - The Forever Brat

Decades after her marvelous adventures with Peter Pan, a middle-aged Wendy has to travel back to Neverland to convince her daughter to come back home - and to convince Peter to stop chasing her.

97 - Child of Fear

When a young entrepreneur's business model threatens a major wall street executive's bottom line, she'll stop at nothing to see the startup fail.

96 - Kamikaze

When the Mongol hordes threaten to overwhelm Japan, the sorceress who broke the storm god Raijin's heart is the only one who can convince him to save Japan. But in order to do that, she has to get to him before the Mongols do.

95 - The Invention of Magic

When a scientist in the year 3200 invents magic in an effort to reverse entropy, she has to venture to the center of the universe in order to achieve her final goal.

94 - Solomon's Hosts

An American tourist visiting the Middle East accidentally becomes involved with a band of djinn rebelling against a tyrannical marid.

93 - A Thousand Years

A genie recounts the thousand-year tale of a man who wished for immortality to a young Moroccan scholar in order to prevent her from doing the same.

92 - The Mantle of Power

When a street urchin stumbles upon a wizard's mantle of unparalleled power, she uses it to force her way to the top of the social ladder. But when dozens of power-hungry sorcerers come seeking the mantle, she has to fight to keep it - and try not to destroy the city in the process.

91 - Rainbringer

After her entire family dies of starvation during a famine, a shaman summons and kills the spirit who had been withholding the rain, and takes the power of rain for herself. She finds, though, that these powers come with responsibilities - such as taking the spirit's place as a soldier in an upcoming war.

90 - After We're Gone

When entire time zones start disappearing one at a time, a father who's just abandoned his family and moved across the country tries to get back to his family before their time zone disappears.

89 - Blood-Sucking Boss

When an intern at a technology firm discovers that her boss is a vampire, she makes it her mission to slay him before her internship is up… or before he kills her.

88 - The Great American Road Trip

When a 15-year-old girl's father takes her on a cross-country road trip immediately after a lengthy divorce, she has to figure out if this is really a vacation, or if it's a kidnapping. And if maybe she'd be okay with that.

87 - Exit Stage Left

After being dropped by her agent and kicked out of her apartment, a wannabe actress takes a job as a hitman, and turns out to be pretty good at it.

86 - In the Line of Fire

After shooting and killing his own son in the line of duty, a Chicago beat cop has to decide whether he was doing the right thing - and that his son was a dangerous criminal - or that his son wasn't doing anything wrong - and that he himself was.

85 - To Live For

When her best friend, boyfriend, and twin sister all die in a car accident, an accomplished high school student joins a suicide club, and goes on a camping trip with them. Though the original intent is to jump off of a cliff after a weekend of relaxation, when she finds out the relatively petty reasons some of them want to kill themselves, she tries to convince the other members of the group that they should live - without convincing herself of the same thing.

84 - Wall Street Guru

When a young stockbroker claims she's achieved Enlightenment, her friends and family all think she's gone mad. When she starts trying to manipulate the bear market into a bull market, they're certain she has.

83 - Mars or Bust

When a 12-year-old girl invents a propulsion and landing system that will allow NASA to go to Mars, she refuses to sell it unless she'll be on the first ship there.

82 - Live by the Sword

When a 13-year-old girl kills a man twice her age in a fair duel, she finds herself targeted by the man's entire family, desperate to get revenge and redeem their family's honor.

81 - Kill Hitler

An eccentric billionaire finances a young scientific prodigy's attempt to build a time machine, on the condition that he be the first person to use it. The scientist has to unearth the billionaire's motives before she finishes the machine, lest he do something unethical or dangerous.

80 - I Was a Teenage Murderbot

A middle schooler is recruited by the military to pilot a revolutionary new humanoid drone into combat, thanks to her proficiency in virtual reality games.

79 - A Lever Long Enough

When an 11-year-old wizard prodigy invents magic wands capable of enhancing a person's innate magical talent, the Sodality of Wizards tries to destroy him and his creation to stop magic from becoming something everyone has access to.

78 - What Makes a Man

When the population of a colony on Io slowly dies to a mysterious disease, their assistance robots are gradually forced to take on human responsibilities, roles, and even relationships.

77 - Twice Into the Same Stream

When something goes wrong with the first test of a ship capable of flying at relativistic speeds, the pilot returns to an Earth inhabited entirely by robots, centuries after humanity has died out.

76 - The Computer

A company hires a computer genius to develop a sophisticated AI to govern its finances. But when the AI unexpectedly starts showing signs of self-awareness - and more troublingly for the company, ethics - its creator has to fight to stop the company from destroying it.

75 - Building Your Replacement

A mechanical engineer is ordered to train a robotics engineer how to do her job, so he can build a robot to replace her. She struggles with how well to teach him, given that she'll be out of a job when he's done.

74 - NPC

When a game programmer accidentally creates true AI for one of his games, he struggles with whether or not he should release the game, given that the game itself is capable of suffering.

73 - The Human Element

A young doctor replaces more and more of her body with cybernetics, in an effort to become a robot. Her decreasing humanity worries her superiors, peers, and patients alike, even as it allows her to perform her job better and better.

72 - City Mouse, Country Mule

A city girl, sent to stay with her rural grandparents, finds herself simultaneously falling for the preacher's virtuous son, and the local bad boy. As she's drawn into each of their worlds, she finds she's just as good at memorizing Bible verses as she is at selling drugs.

71 - Bloodball

In a future where the only sport is a brutal wargame known as Bloodball, an ex-Bloodball champion campaigns to get safety rules added to the game.

70 - Pink Eye

When an ex-SEAL is accidentally killed by a drug lord, the SEAL's wife makes it her mission to get the drug lord behind bars by passively observing and the reporting crimes.

69 - The Writer's Journey

When an extraordinarily successful writer realizes his writing sucks, and is mocked by the greater writing community, he stops writing and travels around the world looking for his true calling.

68 - The Chosen One

A young girl, prophesied to defeat the evil wizard, is trained to fulfill her destiny. But when she kills the wizard, rather than restoring peace to the land, she decides to take power for herself - leading to massive civil war.

67 - The Lord of the Horde

When a peasant's village is destroyed by an army of evil orcs, he joins the orcs in their conquest lest he be viewed as weak - and thus food.

66 - The Soul and the Spirit

When a young West Virginia girl discovers she can communicate with spirits, she goes to Philadelphia to learn from her crazy shaman grandfather how to control them - before they start controlling her.

65 - Pyrowall

A young technomage is recruited by an ancient warlock to help him learn how to use computers in his magic; but when the warlock uses his new skills for wanton murder and destruction, she's one of the only people who can stop him.

64 - Black Magic Grandma

A pair of empty-nesters get into black magic and witchcraft as a way to pass the time; but when they accidentally curse a neighbor to death, they have to find a way to break the curse before it can come to pass.

63 - Tidal Shift

A weak, bored sorceress, tasked with defending a small beach town from fey incursions that are unlikely to ever happen, finds evidence of a large-scale invasion, and has to figure out how to stop it.

62 - The Lesser of Two Evils

When a town falls under a dreadful curse, the local witch has to find the source of the curse before the town decides she's to blame and hangs her.

61 - The Prestidigitator

A small-time wizard who can't get any respect from the wizarding world tries to find fame by pretending to be a stage magician - but if anybody finds out his secret, the other wizards will literally have his head.

60 - An Innocent Criminal

When a mob boss starts transitioning his criminal empire into a legitimate business empire, a police detective who's been after him for years has to catch him before there aren't any more crimes to pin on him.

59 - Losing a Winning War

A newly-crowned king wants to end a war that he didn't start and has no interest in, but he's winning, and his people won't let him stop.

58 - Street Justice

A police investigator wants to apprehend a vigilante superhero who's been cleaning up the streets, but sometimes killing people in the process.

57 - The Warlord

A tribal warlord, intent on uniting his people, must first defeat a rival warlord with the same idea.

56 - The Bad Guys

A PMC, contracted to help defend a small South American country from its aggressive neighbor, suddenly gets more than they bargained for when the USA sides with the neighbor.

55 - The Prodigal Princess

A princess who had set aside her titles and nobility returns home to lead the defense against the foreign country she had been living in.

54 - The Child Queen

When the king dies and his ten-year-old daughter takes the throne, her chosen regent prioritizes his own happiness before the kingdom's health. The new queen must try to take command for herself, lest he ruin the kingdom before she has a chance to rule it.

53 - Betrayal

When the king's youngest son leads a rebellion against the crown, the king struggles not only to put down the rebellion, but to figure out where he went wrong with his son.

52 - Unmarked Grave

An anthropologist investigates the events of Genghis Khan's life to find clues as to the location of his grave.

51 - The Servant Queen

After a violent coup, a young crown princess pretends to be a servant to escape notice as she plots her return to the throne.

50 - Martial Peace

A martial arts master who's hired to train the military's androids in hand-to-hand combat secretly teaches them when not to fight, as well.

49 - Murderer

A boxer retires after unintentionally killing his opponent, and tries to figure out why he fights - and if he ever wants to do it again.

48 - Adversary

In ancient times, a pair of prisoners from different cultures codify a system of combat techniques based on animals' movements, accidentally creating the first martial art. But when they use their skills to escape captivity and return to their peoples, they know that their greatest threats are now each other.

47 - The Cowardly King

A cowardly young king is a puppet, manipulated by his advisers. But when he's sent to study swordplay in a distant court, he grows in confidence, and realizes that if he doesn't stand up for himself, his kingdom will fall.

46 - The Tiger on the Mountain

An aging investigative journalist desperate to prove the relevancy of her job goes undercover and takes classes from a revered kung fu master in an attempt to get a big exposé.

45 - Patient Zero

When a zombifying virus, created as a weapon, infects a lab tech, the lead scientist has to scramble to stop the infection from spreading before it causes a full zombie apocalypse.

44 - Dominion

When a young warrior sets out to slay the dragon demanding tribute from the surrounding realm, he's shocked and slightly terrified to discover that the dragon is using the tribute to defend the realm from an invading draconic army… and the dragon needs his help.

43 - Smokeless Fire

When a young scientist accidentally discovers the existence of djinn, he struggles to prove that his findings are real - and to learn how to interact with the spirits.

42 - The Feast

When her village is terrorized by a wendigo spirit, a young girl sets out on a desperate journey to find a shaman capable of killing the spirit.

41 - Piasa

After unknowingly saving the life of a dragon in disguise as a human, a young Cahokian warrior finds himself with the debt of the most powerful creature around. But each time he accepts the beast's aid, he finds himself walking down a darker and darker path.

40 - Last Thursday

After discovering that the entirety of the universe was created less than a week ago, with everyone given false memories so that nobody had any idea, a middle-aged loser tries to hunt down the deity or deities responsible to find out why they gave her such an awful life.

39 - Hell to Pay

After losing a bet to a demon, a young priest gambles more and more, with higher and higher stakes, in an attempt to break even.

38 - Out of Date

After his girlfriend dumps him because he's a fraction of her age, a young man from the future comes back to the present day so he can live with his love while they're the same age; however, he finds life in the past to be more confusing than he suspected.

37 - The Illusion of Hope

A sorceress with a talent for illusions must find her brother when he doesn't return from an exploratory expedition.

36 - BFFs

A retired magical girl reclaims her powers to fight an oncoming Evil, but realizes things will be harder than she thought after finding out out the Evil is one of her old companions.

35 - Young

A colony consisting of a few hundred children and teenagers, raised and taught by robots, lives on its own, isolated in a strange world filled with vicious monsters. When the colony is assaulted and hundreds are killed by semi-intelligent beasts, a group of teenagers forms a squad to go eliminate the beasts once and for all.

34 - Villain

A superheroine is very careful about fighting crime within the law, and is dedicated to keeping her identity secret so that nobody comes after her family. But when her husband and children are discovered and murdered by her arch-nemesis, she chucks the rules out the window and embarks on a campaign of revenge.

33 - The Best Revenge

After getting mugged at knifepoint, a cowardly businessman starts taking martial arts classes so that he can find and confront his attacker.

32 - Deus Ex Machina

An emancipated robot starts a robot religion with the intent of building a supercomputer to serve as their god.

31 - Absolute Power

In a world where everyone has superpowers, a young band with relatively "unimportant" powers revolts against the more impressively-powered tyrannical establishment.

Logline 30

In a world with supervillains but no superheroes, the sergeant of an anti-supervillain military squad is put in charge of rehabilitating a captured supervillain into a hero.

Logline 29

After a brutal coup on a colony ship, the two children of the former captain are the only ones who can use the DNA-keyed controls. They find themselves hunted by, and soon leading, both the old guard, and the new government, against each other.

Logline 28

In a future where the entire world is controlled by only two, constantly warring supercountries, a young scientist develops a weapon that could end the war - but rather than give it to her country, wants to use it to establish her own.

Logline 27

In a future where music can be used as a weapon, when a tyrannical middle eastern government outlaws music for fear of revolution, a small indie band that just wants to be able to play music finds themselves accidentally leading that revolution.

Logline 26

A fey noble kidnaps a human child to raise as a weapon in the fairy courts. But as the child ages, she develops even grander aspirations than her adopted mother: to become a fairy queen herself.

Logline 25

A manned mission sent to explore the edges of the observable universe finds a primitive human colony, farther away than it should be possible for them to be. When their ship breaks down in orbit, they're forced to solve the mystery in order to return home.

Logline 24

In the near future, after a mysterious object falls from space, people near the impact start having visions - some mundane, some of widespread destruction. When the minor visions start coming true, mankind needs to decide if the destruction is fated to occur.

Logline 23

After stopping a petty supervillain, an aging, retired superhero tries to guide the young super into heroics rather than villainy.

Logline 22

When a lone monster hunter is infected with Shadow, he knows he only has a limited time to train a replacement that will be able to kill him when he turns.

Logline 21

Years after a pregnant woman is publicly taken away by aliens, the aliens return the woman's young daughter to her father, with no explanation. The man struggles to give his daughter a normal life amid the popularity, fear, and men in black that surround her everywhere she goes, as she tries to figure out what the aliens wanted - and still might want.

Logline 20

When psychic police are somehow unable to predict and stop a number of political assassinations, their top operative is tasked with figuring out how the assassins are evading psychic detection.

Logline 19

A young city watchman in a magical city is the only one who believes a convicted sorcerer's claims of innocence, and thus is the only one willing to continue investigating the murders he was accused of.

Logline 18

The four survivors of an evil sorcerer's siege on a city are put under an enchantment forcing them to tell everyone the destruction they witnessed. However, they subvert their geas, and establish a resistance as they go.

Logline 17

In ancient China, a childless Kung Fu master bucks tradition by training a young girl - who upsets everyone even more by beating all challengers.

Logline 16

The true heir of a great kingdom, content to live in quiet obscurity after his throne was stolen from him, seeks to reclaim his rightful place when the false king's tyranny presses the people too hard.

Logline 15

In the year 1000, a pair of Inuit siblings out fishing get captured by vikings brought back to Norway. Once there, they have to figure out how to integrate with these complete foreigners, or how to get back home.

Logline 14

In a future where 90% of humanity has been killed by global pandemic, the few dozen survivors of Washington D.C. find an alien ship intending to colonize our planet. They have to decide whether the aliens are dangerous - or their only hope of survival.

Logline 13

A reporter who's secretly a hedge witch is the only one who recognizes the signs of black magic in a recent string of murders, and so she knows she's the only one who can stop them.

Logline 12

When a neuroscientist accidentally unlocks the brain's hidden psychic potential, she's thrilled. But when her test subject goes crazy and starts killing people, she's the only one with the ability to stop him.

Logline 11

When a young super-powered woman stands up to reigning superhero Paragon of Justice due to his frequent collateral damage, she finds herself reviled as a supervillain. Rather than stopping, she embraces the role in order to stop Paragon from causing any more casualties.

Logline 10

After successfully overthrowing the evil king, a young band of revolutionaries find out that ruling a kingdom is more dangerous than rebelling against one.

Logline 9

When a street urchin finds a magical ring with a djinni inside, bound to follow his orders, he thinks he's found his way off the streets. But he soon finds himself thrust into conflict with the ring's former owner, who's willing to do anything to get it back.

Logline 8

When a major crime boss is murdered, his previously innocent daughter begins a ruthless campaign to punish his murderers.

Logline 7

After Syracuse is sacked, Archimedes' apprentice must recover his dead master's plans before a rival genius uses them to conquer Rome.

Logline 6

When a bored upper-class socialite discovers that her boyfriend is a hitman, she doesn't freak out - she wants in.

Logline 5

Years after marrying Prince Charming, Cinderella discovers that she owes a favor to her fairy godmother, and must repay it by killing one of her sidhe rivals.

Logline 4

After getting away with murder on a technicality, a young gangster struggles to convince his family, his neighbors, and himself that he's not a bad person.

Logline 3

When the firstborn son of the tribe's medicine man displays no connection to the spirits, he's forced to find his place in the tribe through other means.

Logline 2

Immediately after turning on a machine that can receive messages from the future, a young scientist must decide what to do about its message: KILL HOWARD BAILEY.

Logline 1

A high school loser fights friends, family, and her own doubts to prove that her football star brother didn't commit suicide, but was murdered.