My Screenplays

Here are all the screenplays I've written, in as close to reverse chronological order as I can figure - I like to layer projects, so it can sometimes be tough to decide which screenplay came "first."

I have some earlier drafts up here, because I like seeing how other writers' stuff changes between drafts, so it only seems fair I share mine. Not all of them, because (A) I don't have all of them anymore, and (B) I don't always define definitive drafts. Like, Smoke & Mirrors goes right from draft 1 to draft 3 not because I lost draft 2, but because I couldn't figure out what specific file to call "draft 2," it was just sort of a process.

Anything that doesn't have a final draft listed is either something I'm still working on, or something I'd like to pretend I'm still working on.

Good Enough for Me

A romantic superhero action-comedy; it's a big genre soup and I'm trying to play them all relatively straight - though I don't mind bucking some of the more boring tropes.
It's about a supervillain who falls in love with her arch-nemesis, and their attempts to make the relationship work.
Download: Draft 1


This one actually won't get posted, but I'm including it in the list because I still wrote it. I decided to tithe every 10th screenplay by basically just writing the screenplay and then deleting it when it's finished.
This one is about a mission to the edge of the galaxy that goes awry.

The Dragonslayers

A fantasy story wearing sci-fi clothes. The setting is basically a super-cliche fantasy world, but set in outer space. It was inspired by, of all things, the computer game Stellaris. I had a lot of fun making fantasy races like elves and orcs in the game, figuring out what their spacefaring society would look like. Eventually, this was the result.
It's about a half-dwarf who puts together a massive heist on a stellar dragon's planet full of treasure.
Download: Draft 1 | Draft 2 | Final Draft

Smoke & Mirrors

A screenplay that started out being co-written with my wife, Cassie, but wound up being more, shared story credit than shared writing credit. She's always been a big part of my process, reading my stuff, giving notes, so we tried her having a bigger part of the process, but then she went back to school and just didn't have the time. We'll probably try again some other time.
It's about a girl who's kidnapped by her mother's greatest rival, just days after her mothers death. He takes her as his apprentice, and she needs to figure out what his ulterior motive is before it's too late.
It was originally called "Figment," and the early drafts reflect that.
Download: Draft 1 | Draft 3 | Final Draft

To Live For

My proof to myself that I could write more than just fantasy and sci-fi. I know a lot of rookie writers write about suicide, but this one comes out of one really messed-up year in high school where a bunch of kids all committed suicide over the span of a couple months. I didn't know most of them, but there were so many, everybody knew at least one. 
The research for this screenplay is definitely the worst I've ever done. Then after watching some other suicide movies and shows and seeing how destructive a story about suicide can be if not handled very carefully, I decided I didn't want that sort of responsibility and scrapped the project. I thought about taking it down and not even having it here, but decided it's still worth leaving up as a record.
It's about a girl who joins a suicide club after accidentally causing her twin sister's death. 
Download: Draft 1 | Draft 2

The Destroyer

Normally, I like to write from a strong outline, always knowing the end of my story from the beginning. This one, I tried writing it more along the lines of Lost - write cool questions now, and come up with an answer later. I think that approach works better for movies than TV, because I can always go back and change the question if I find a cool enough answer.
It's about a woman who discovers she has inexplicable powers, and her attempt to figure out why she has them, and what her purpose is.
Download: Draft 1 | Draft 2 | Final Draft


This one was loosely inspired by Star Wars. I started thinking about what it would look like if it was just fantasy, rather than science-fantasy. I'd also been reading a lot about Genghis Khan at the time, which wound up being a large part of it as well.
It's about a shaman who journeys to a faraway land to kill his fallen disciple.
It was originally called "Messiah," and the early drafts reflect that.
Download: Draft 1 | Draft 2 | Final Draft


I almost didn't put this one on the list, because it was never finished, and it never will be. I wrote the first draft in a single week while my wife was out of town, just to see if I could do it. I technically could, but it was so bad I didn't consider it to be salvageable. Some of the ideas I've cannibalized for other movies, though.
It's about a sorceress who's trying to steal Elven magic to hide from a wizard-eating demon.
Download: Draft 1 | Draft 2

War of the Bands

Originally written in a single month as a part of Script Frenzy, the now-defunct screenwriting version of NaNoWriMo. As you might guess from a screenplay being written in a single month, it saw a lot of revisions; of the original 140 pages, I probably only kept about 50; it's now a much more reasonable 88 pages.
It's about a boy who lives in a world where music can be used as a weapon. He enters a literal battle of the bands in order to eventually fight his rockstar father.
Download: Final Draft


My second screenplay, but my first screenplay that I couldn't pretend was trying to be bad. It's still not great, but I like the idea enough that I might write it all over again someday.
It's about a secret policemen in a communist country who falls in love with a girl who's trying to get out. 
Download: Final Draft

Kill the Beast 

This was the first screenplay I ever wrote, and it is terrible. It's about an ex-cop who teams up with a group of vampire hunters after a vampire murders his partner.
I wrote it after watching a bunch of B movies and thinking, "That can't be hard to do." I was wrong.
Download: Final Draft