24 - That Girl with Amnesia

When a young woman with amnesia wanders into a small town in Utah, everybody does what they can to figure out who she is and where she came from. But as time passes and she finds a place for herself in the town, they stop helping her remember, and start hoping she doesn't.

A girl, 20-something, wanders into Parkerville, Utah, a small town in the middle of nowhere. The locals see her, and are concerned, but also a little wigged-out - she’s clearly out of it. She wanders into the gas station in a daze, and collapses from exhaustion.

She wakes up in a hospital bed. Jason Boggert, 22, sleeps in a chair in the corner of the room. Ashley Boggert, 25, sits next to him, reading a magazine. When she sees Tina has woken up, she wakes Jason up, and the siblings introduce themselves to the girl. The girl tries to introduce herself, but she doesn’t remember her name. She asks what happened and how she got here, but Ashley says they were hoping that she could tell them.

She has no idea. She doesn’t remember anything. She doesn’t even remember wandering into Parkerville. Ashley and Jason grill her for a while, but rather than help her, it just frustrates and upsets her, and they stop pretty quick. Ashley does dub her Tiffany, though, saying that she needs a name and Tiffany is as good as any.

Now that she’s been fed and hydrated, there’s nothing physically wrong with her, and given that she doesn’t have - or at least doesn’t know - her insurance information, the hospital discharges Tiffany right quick. She doesn’t have anywhere to go, though, so Ashley and Jason tell her she can stay with them until her memory comes back.

She’s given kind of an unintentional welcoming party when she gets back to Parkerville. Everyone in town is curious to know what happened to her, and when they hear she’s staying with the Boggerts, they come over with some sort of casserole or baked good or whatever. When enough people have come with enough food, eventually they just sort of stick around and hang out with each other.

Tiffany is a little overwhelmed by all the new faces, but she takes it okay. Somewhat ironically, she actually proves to have a pretty good memory for names and faces, even after seeing dozens of them at once.

veryone pries about her amnesia, and is asking questions about her and her past, asking about what she remembers, or whatever. She gets pretty good at deflecting those questions, but they keep coming, and by the end of the night she collapses in the guest room in frustrated tears.

Ashley and Jason find her and tell her that they’ll make sure people stop asking, but she says that’s not it - she wants to remember. She’s not sad that they’re trying to help, she’s sad that it’s not working.

Jason gets Tiffany a job working at the gas station with him and his friend Mike. It’s pretty easy work, and their boss, Dewey, is always complaining about not having enough help. They’re pretty sure he just likes complaining, but he gives her the job anyway.

The gas station turns out to be kind of a popular hangout spot; it’s in the middle of town, and sells candy and booze. People will come for gas, then just chill there for an hour or so, talking with whoever else is getting gas. Or maybe a small group of guys will guy a couple six packs and just set up outside, sitting and drinking for a couple hours. Even kids will come in for candy and ice cream, wandering around for half an hour as they decide what they want.

Plus, now that Tiffany is there, everyone has another interesting reason to come to the gas station. They got a lot of business that’s really just there to talk to Tiffany and find out more about what her deal is.

Still, while she’s spending a lot of time with the entire town, she’s spending the most time with Jason and Mike, and they both develop a bit of a crush on her - which is not entirely unreciprocated, for either of them.

Ashley starts spearheading a massive effort to help Tiffany get her memory back. She organizes the entire town, devoting some people to research, some to working with Tiffany, and some to analyzing her. It would be pretty impressive if any of them had any idea what they were doing.

The townsfolk start showing her pictures of places both near and far - other cities in the US, different countries, even the moon, just in case maybe she was an astronaut? They show her pictures of famous people and ask her what movies she’s seen - and she remembers seeing some. Other townsfolk start researching her accent, trying to figure out what part of the country she comes from. Others try crazy things with no chance of working, like scaring her into answering questions.

A big jump, though, comes completely by accident. Mike’s car won’t start one night when he’s trying to leave, and Tiffany diagnoses the problem just by listening to the sound it’s making. They realize she has an aptitude for working with cars - and probably some training, too.

She stops working at the gas station, and starts working with the local mechanic - the 70-year-old Judy. Judy’s been working with cars her entire life, and she’s able to figure out that Tiffany probably comes from somewhere cold, based on the problems she’s familiar with.

Now that she’s not working at the gas station, and thus not hanging out with him regularly, he decides to start being more active about his crush, and asks her out on a date. She agrees - much to Jason’s chagrin.

The date is simple and more than a little awkward, because they mostly stay in town, where they know everyone. Still, they have an okay time. After the date, though, Tiffany warns Mike that she’s scared about taking anything too seriously - after all, for all she knows, she’s got a boyfriend. Or is already married! Mike understands, but still wants to date her, and she’s still okay with it, as long as they take it really, really slow.

She has another breakthrough in her memory when the townsfolk show her clips from a variety of foreign movies to see if she can speak any other languages, and she can - French. Fluently. Unfortunately, nobody else in town speaks French. Still, that, tied with her being from somewhere cold, leads to the suggestion that she’s Canadian.

Jason’s grumpy around the house. Ashley yells at him for being jealous and stupid, and Tiffany hears. She tries to come to Jason’s defense, and it’s really awkward and embarassing for him - which gets more awkward and embarassing when Mike shows up to take Tiffany on another date. The evening ends with Mike going home, Jason grumpily going to stay with him even though neither of them like each other at the moment, and Tiffany and Ashley having a girls’ night in.

They have a good time together, even given the awkward start of things. Tiffany talks about how much she wishes she could remember everything, because everybody here is so tight, and she wants to find someone that she’s close enough with she could get in a fight with them and then go stay with them, like Jason and Mike.

It hits Ashley that when Tiffany remembers who she is, she’s totally gonna leave.

The next day, Tiffany cancels everything related to helping Tiffany remember. In fact, she tasks everyone with the opposite. They’re only to bring up places they know she isn’t from. They stop asking her questions about her past, and start only asking her questions about town. Nobody appears to know anything about Canada - in fact, isn’t Canada really just a myth?

Only the somewhat dejected Jason is even willing to keep helping. Not that he knows how, or is really gonna try. Still, if it was anyone else who noticed that she dialed the wrong number a lot when calling people - and that it was usually the same wrong number - they probably would’ve tried to hide it.

He asks her about it, and she says she has no idea why she keeps calling it - she thought it might be a clue, but it’s just some guy who has no idea who she is, and doesn’t know anyone that’s missing.

Then Jason starts dialing that same number, but with different area codes. He asks whoever he calls if they know any missing girls - which gets him a lot of weird answers, and more than one threat to call the police, but eventually, he reaches a house in Maine that has seen a local news thing about a missing girl who sounds an awful lot like Tiffany.

He tells Tiffany, and she’s overjoyed. She packs up the surprising amount of things she’s managed to gather in her time there - mostly gifts and hand-me-down clothes - and goes to find out who she is. Ashley is kind of mad at Jason, but also kind of not. It’s bittersweet.

A few months later, Tiffany - now Sarah Wells - comes back to Parkerville to see everyone again.