Treatment 4

When psychic police are somehow unable to predict and stop a number of political assassinations, their top operative is tasked with figuring out how the assassins are evading psychic detection.

Sandra is a Psycop - a law enforcement official slash soldier slash secret servicewoman who uses implants and drugs to stimulate her precognitive abilities, allowing her to train for fights days, weeks, sometimes months before they happen. However, she’s been out of commission for a while after a “novel” fight - a fight she hadn’t seen coming. She was left maimed, and shows up to work sporting new cybernetic legs.

As soon as she comes in, her chief says he wants to see her, but she tells him she wants to take her Pythium first. The first thing a Psycop does at work is to shoot up with Pythium, to get a vision of the next fight they’ll be in - technically, it’s the next time you have an adrenaline rush, but Psycops adopt a very ascetic lifestyle to ensure that it’s only combat that causes adrenaline rushes.

When Sandra shoots up, she sees herself fighting the same guy who took her down before. In the vision, She has a brief panic attack after the vision wears off, and her partner has to escort her to the chief.

The chief tells her he was already planning on moving her to the Postcogs - traditional police investigators, with a focus on Psycops and the things that slip between their cracks - but this vision just cements his decision. He says maybe in the future she can get back into Psycop work, but for now she’s just too unstable - both mentally, and literally, with her new legs - and he doesn’t want to risk her.

Sandra appeals to the chief’s boss, but she sides with the chief. She comforts Sandra, though, telling her that she actually reached her position by working up through the Postcogs. She assures Sandra that there is plenty of fulfilling work to do there - while the culture in the Psycops is very negative towards Postcogs, she says that’s just interdepartmental rivalry, and they’re good people. Sandra begrudgingly accepts the transfer.

Shortly thereafter, though, Sandra goes to see her work friend, Huey - the guy in charge of Pythium injections. She tries to persuade him to keep an eye on the case in her stead, and then to let her help, under the table. She tells him she’s half desperate to take the guy down, half terrified that now he’s just going to get her without her knowing about it.

Huey reluctantly agrees to help, but he warns her that they’ll be watching him, and he’s not sure how much he’ll be able to do. She sees he has some Pythium at his apartment - a big no-no - and semi-blackmails him into giving her some. But when she tries using some of it later, she sees herself in a dark room, tied to a chair, with nobody around.

Sandra fits in about as well with the Postcogs as she expected to. Her peers are cold and stern to her, even while joking and laughing with each other. But she’s just a jerk right back at them - she even almost tricks one of them into eating peanuts after she finds out he’s allergic, only realizing at the last second that’d be monstrous - so it’s not like they’re the only bad guys.

She accompanies them on the investigation of the latest assassination. As the Postcogs gather evidence, Sandra tries to figure out how the assassin avoided the Psycops’ predictions. The Postcogs get kinda pissed that she’s focusing on that rather than trying to catch the guy who did it.

When another assassination occurs, they go to check it out, but this time, a Psycop bodyguard survived the attack. When they interview him, he mentions how strangely relaxed he was - he didn’t freak out at all. As he says it, Sandra realizes that she was the same way - and suddenly it hits her. They aren’t seeing the assassins coming because they’re being drugged to not get an adrenaline rush. And who better to drug them than Huey?

She and the Postcogs go to take Huey in for questioning. They split up - some go to the Psycops, some to his house, and Sandra takes one other guy to a bar Huey hangs out at a lot. Sandra leaves the Postcog out in front of the bar while she checks it out, and gets kidnapped.

The kidnappers hit her with an epipen, then leave her alone for half an hour. The adrenaline rush wigs her out, and she realizes that’s what her vision was. When the shot wears off, they come back to beat and mock her, laughing at her and the Psycops. One of them blinds her, telling her this is only a metaphor: she’s been blind the whole time.

They leave her with only a guard, as they have something mysterious and important to attend to. Time passes, and she hears someone break in and take down the guard. It’s the Postcogs! They tell her they tracked her down using their investigative method, and she apologizes for mocking them.

They ask her what happened, and as she explains, she realizes what’s happening. She asks if there’s anything important happening, and they tell her the President, in an effort to throw off the assassins without capitulating to them, changed his schedule completely, and is giving an anticipated speech today instead of next week. Sandra says that the bad guys are still going after him, and if they were right about Huey, he’s still in danger.

Sandra calls the Psycops, and finds out that she’s been framed for the assassinations, rendering her completely untrustworthy. They warn her against following through with things, because they have a Psycop prepared to stop her: Huey.

Sandra and the Postcogs know they have to stop everyone themselves, so they rush to the White House. Sandra takes an epipen from the Postcog who’s allergic to nuts and the Pythium she smuggled, and takes them both simultaneously. This gives her an adrenaline rush immediately, giving her a psychic vision of the right now, functionally letting her see.

When they arrive, they find Huey preparing to shoot the president. She fights him; her weird now-vision throws off his previous visions, and she’s barely able to beat him and save the day.

In the fallout of things, the Psycops are horrendously discredited, but Sandra has a tremendous amount of public goodwill, and is hand-picked to run things and restore their credibility. She partners closer with the Postcogs, and emphasizes preparing for the unforseeable.