Treatment 42 - Please Enjoy the Party

When a gang of terrorists lay siege to a billionaire's house party, the head of security is tasked with not only stopping the attack, but keeping the party from getting disturbed in the process.

TANYA is the head of security for UWE TREXLER, a mind-bogglingly wealthy man. Trexler's front yard alone could hold a mansion and still have room for him to park one or two of his jets.

Tanya is preparing for the launch party of Trexler's new app, Braincoat. She has a team of lieutenants: MARTIN (35, all hard edges, ready to rumble) is Trexler's head bodyguard, QUAYLE (28, beard like a bear) oversees the cameras, GINA (29, polished to a mirror shine) is in charge of the security checkpoints, DENIS (45, all scars and muscles) leads the armed response unit, and CHLOE (38, eyepatch) is the general troubleshooter.

The party officially begins and guests begin getting let in. Gina quickly summons Tanya, and brings her to a holding room with a few guests with forged invitations. Tanya asks them where they got their invites, and they give a clearly rehearesed story. Tanya tries to implement stricter controls, but Trexler vetos that hard; "Keeping us safe is literally do your job. Do your job instead of taking it out on my guests."

Chloe is left interrogating the intruders for the time being as Quayle directs Tanya at some trucks in the service bay that are off-schedule. Denis isn't doing anything yet, so he volunteers to go with Tanya just in case - overkill, but something is definitely up, so.

Tanya, Denis, and a few grunts check out the trucks. Denis knocks on the back of one… no response. Knocks again… a HAIL OF BULLETS blow through the back of the truck, instantly killing Denis! One of the grunts, VERNON (21, served one tour in the Marines then got the hell out), gets Tanya to safety, but the rest of the grunts die.

Tanya books it to Trexler to get him to safety as Vernon mobilizes the response. When Tanya gets there, though, she finds him resisting all Martin's efforts. Trexler is furious - "Do your fucking jobs!" and demands the party not be disturbed. When Tanya suggests maybe, just maybe, the armed intruders will disturb the party, Trexler makes it clear that if that happens, none of his security staff will work again.

Vernon checks in to say he chased the intruders off the immediate campus, but they've abandoned the trucks and are laying low, so he's lost track of them. Chloe calls Tanya to hear the info she got out of the earlier "party guests." Tanya arrives to see Chloe's beaten the shit out of them, but is okay with it because Chloe learned they're high-grade mercenaries there to kill Trexler for a rival business mogul in a country Trexler is trying to get a foothold in.

Most of the invited guests have arrived, so Gina closes down most of the checkpoints and steps up the patrols around other entrances - if the mercenaries want to get in, it'll have to be through one of her heavily guarded checkpoints.

Tanya and Chloe gear up and accompany Vernon in his search for the mercs he chased off. One of them takes a few potshots at them, draws them away, but Chloe sees the ambush they're planning and wisely takes Tanya around in a flank - they kill three more mercenaries (there are at least a dozen more, but no more than 20), but lose three guards in the process; Vernon's down to eight men. He has 20 more he can call in from other locations, but that will mean literally only Gina's checkpoints will be fully staffed. Tanya tells him to do it, then calls the police - Trexler will be pissed, but she'll do her best to keep them from disrupting the party.

Quayle misses a check-in, and Tanya and Chloe sprint to his location. They find him dead, with two more mercs manning his cameras. They kill the mercs (10-18 left) and check the cameras to see a group of eight mercs scaling one of the building's walls. Chloe insists Tanya man the cameras and goes with Vernon to handle it. Tanya watches on the cameras as Vernon advances from the ground while Chloe exits on the roof.

Just before the shootout begins, Tanya is ambushed by another merc. He overpowers her, takes her hostage, and uses her radio to talk to Trexler. When he finally answers, he's dismissive; "It's her job to die for me. If you're gonna kill her, do it, don't waste my time about it."

Even the merc is shocked by Trexler's attitude. He sees Chloe sneaking up behind the men on the roof, and leaves Tanya to jump on comms and warn then. Tanya manages to break the zip ties he put her in and tackles him, manages to strangle him to death. She sees no sign of Chloe, and Vernon and his men are forced to retreat; all seven of the mercs on the roof are able to get inside.

Tanya circles through to grab some of Gina's men and charges down the hallways, She catches the mercennaries near the main party hall, mercifully in an area free of guests. A shootout; Gina's killed, Tanya gets shot in the gut, it looks bad - until Chloe starts sniping the guards from inside a service vent.

Chloe slaps a compression bandage on Tanya. Chloe's convinced there are four more mercs, no more, no less. And only one is still inside. Chloe charges out to find him while Tanya shuffles back to the cameras.

Tanya encounters Vernon on the way, who insists she skip the cameras and let him perform a little more first aid on her instead. He does, and she's getting bad, bleeding out, getting pale. A merc sneaks up beind him and slits his throat. Tanya only survives by jabbing the merc with an overdose of morphine.

That leaves three mercs outside. Tanya takes the rest of the morphine and gets to the cameras. She sees Chloe about to walk into an ambush, warns her in time to not get jumped - but even though she kills one of them, the other two kill her. One of the mercs grabs Chloe's comm unit and uses it to jam all the comms.

Tanya sees them heading towards a weak point and goes to warn Trexler and Martin, but bleeds out along the way.

Cut to an interview with Martin after the fact. He stopped the remaining mercenaries; he's hailed as a hero along with Tanya and the others. Trexler thanks them all for their sacrifices, and assures everyone that the expansion of the business will still go smoothyl despite all of this.