8 - Out of Date

After his girlfriend dumps him because he's a fraction of her age, a young man from the future comes back to the present day so he can live with his love while they're the same age; however, he finds life in the past to be more confusing than he suspected.

Bish is a 20 year-old, rather unaccomplished socialite living in the year 2200. The only really noteworthy thing about her is that she’s dating the oldest man alive - one Liam James. 174 years old. Thanks to medical science, aging has been stopped and even reversed, making Liam indistinguishable from a healthy man in his twenties. His age brings experience, and he’s smart, clever, funny, and also kind of a huge douchebag.

Bish is none of those things - she’s inexperienced, not terribly bright, not at all witty, and also surprisingly kindhearted - if a little self-involved. Everyone but her knows that Liam is just taking advantage of her to get access to her wealth, and cheating on her just about every time he’s out of eyesight.

Bish’s genius childhood friend, Orrn, has recently recieved her doctorate with a thesis paper about time travel. Orrn is convinced they could build a machine that would allow them to travel backwards in time, and tries to convince Bish to fund it.

Bish, however, refuses. She claims it’s because she’s so happy with the way things are that she wouldn’t want anything to change, and she’s not really lying. However, she’s also aware of the immense risks and unknowns involved, and doesn’t want anything to happen to Orrn.

When Bish gets home, she encounters Liam going at it with someone he had assured her was meaningless to him. He tells her it’s not what it looks like… and she agrees to forgive him. That kind of pisses Liam off, actually, and he dumps her, telling her she just doesn’t have enough life experience to be with him. He fake-pines, “If only I’d met you a hundred and fifty years ago.”

Bish goes immediately to Orrn, demanding to go back a hundred and fifty years. She funds the time machine, and Orrn is able to construct it in a matter of weeks - though she may have had to cut a few corners.

When they activate the machine and set it for the year 2050, something goes wrong - the machine doesn’t go back. They do, though. Meaning they’re now stranded in the year 2050 with no way to return home.

Bish somehow manages to track down Liam, who’s just as much of a jerk now as in the future, but now without the lifespan and experience to be at all interesting. Bish doesn’t notice, though, and immediately throws herself at him. Liam leaves his wife to be with her, given that Bish is from a future where everyone is genetically perfect, and thus is gorgeous.

Orrn is pretty sure it’d be possible to build another time machine that would send them forward in time, but Bish has no interest in helping her with that; she only has time for Liam. Liam, though, has plenty of time for people other than Bish; being with someone as attractive as her has other women coming after him now, and he’s not really saying no.

Bish tells off Orrn, insulting her and saying she’s just super jealous and lonely because nobody has any interest in her, and Orrn leaves to try to build the time machine herself. Right after that, Liam dumps Bish for two other women.

Bish crawls back to Orrn, crushed, realizing that she’ll just never be able to be with Liam. Orrn is still pretty pissed, and doesn’t forgive her per se; but she does need help building the time machine, so she accepts her back for the time being. It takes them a while, but they manage to build it and return to a few seconds after they left.

Once they return to the future, Bish and Orrn are hailed as celebrities - the world’s first time travellers. Liam suddenly decides that he’s interested in Bish again. He claims that it’s because he remembers her going back for him (which Orrn says is ridiculous, because they went to a parallel timeline), but really it’s obviously just because she’s famous now so he sees more he can leech from her.

Now that Bish is the really popular one, though, her and Liam’s relationship is fundamentally different. Liam actually puts any effort at all (though still not much) into pleasing her and doing what she wants to do - which is not at all how things were before. Feeling the power, and no small sense of anger at his past misdeeds, she dumps him for someone more popular.

Her relationship with the more popular guy is more like her past relationships with Liam, and as she finds herself shifting into the same clingy behavior, she realizes how messed up all of her relationships have been. She goes back and apologizes to Liam (even as she deems him a douchebag), and kind of swears off dating for a while. She goes into research with Orrn, trying to develop a time machine capable of moving itself.