My Other Writings

I haven't written much other than feature screenplays, but I have a few other things for the moment.

Fair warning, most of these are pretty old, and I do not vouch for their quality.

Short Films

I'm not super into short films, so at the moment I only have the one. I do have one or two ideas for others, so maybe this won't be the end of it; we'll see.


My only serious attempt at a short film, Quincy came about when some friends were looking for something they could shoot in a day without needing a set. It was written somewhere between Kill the Beast and Treason.

Download Quincy

10-Minute Plays

Both of my 10-minute plays come from the tail end of college; I wrote one or two others, but I can't find them and also they're like, the first things I actually wrote-wrote, so, they were probably terrible anyway. Not that these two are masterpieces, but, you know.


This one is based on a story that was relayed to me as true, but it's been so long I don't remember who told me it to remember if I believe them or not. I definitely believed them at the time, though, so who knows?

Download Misconceptions

The Land of the Blind

This play was one of the last things I wrote in college, and won me $100 in their 10-minute play competition, so that was nice. I actually kind of swept the awards that year, with Death of Gaspar also getting 1st place in the short story competition, and a creative essay that got 3rd place (and $50).

Download The Land of the Blind

Short Stories

The Death of Gaspar

My only short story, and like the rest of this stuff, pretty old, but I still kinda like it. I listed it for sale on Amazon, imagining I'd make a few bucks and buy some video games, but Amazon requires you to make a minimum amount of money before you get paid, and I never got to that point; so far, I'm up to $3.50.

Download The Death of Gaspar


I've dicked around with poems other than these, but these are the only poems that ever actually reached a point where I could call them "finished." They're also both heavily based on playing with the form over the content, which I feel like doesn't bode great for my future as a poet. Alas.

Portrait of the Author's Father

I consider this to be the first poem I ever wrote. Certainly it was the first one I wrote after I understood poetry.

Download Portrait of the Author's Father


Kind of three poems in two, this was actually kind of a pain (but a fun pain!) to write; I had a spreadsheet set up that would show me all three poems simultaneously so I could make sure they each worked individually. Her is definitely the sketchiest of the three, not 100% sure I succeeded there.

Download Them